Yahya Abdul Mateen II joins the MCU as Wonder Man

Yahya Abdul Mateen II joins the MCU as Wonder Man

Yahya Abdul Mateen II joins the MCU as Wonder Man

Well, guys, we got some big news coming at us from Marvel Studios. And this relates to one of the stars of the Aquaman franchise as Black Manta himself is officially going to be playing the one and only Wonder Man for Marvel Studios.

Yahya Abdul Mateen II joins the MCU as Wonder Man

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That’s right, everybody. Yaya Abdul Mateen II is officially going to be playing Wonder Man, according to multiple sources. The big one here is, of course, 

the big trades that are reporting this and that it’s more or less been finalized, but they can’t 100% confirm it. It’s one of those things where he’s currently in talks and he’s the leading man. 

Most people believe that he’s already been cast, just like when we heard about multiple other castings in relation to what was going on with other roles. Essentially, they’re just waiting for 100% confirmation from Disney and Marvel that this is in fact,

 true. Now, the actor himself is not that unfamiliar with working in the comic book realm. Again, yeah, he’s playing Black Manta, Aquaman’s rival in the first film and the second film.

 But also he did play Mr. Manhattan in Watchmen, which was the HBO version, not the Zack Snyder version.

 So it’s kind of awesome to see that he’s honestly doing more, especially that he’s doing something with Marvel

because he’s very talented. I know people will bring this up. Recently talked about how doing Aquaman and comic book things is kind of like clown work. I defended him there because he was right. This is stuff that was made for children’s comic books. They’re now just kind of getting a glow-up. 

And they’re for everybody, right? Yeah. He’s putting on a suit. He’s having fun. He’s doing comic book stuff. It’s fun clown worYahya Abdul Mateen II joins the MCU as Wonder Mank. That’s what he was saying. Don’t be mad at me. You could see what he’s trying to say here.


 It’s not like Oscar-worthy performances. He’s fighting a fish, man. What do you want from him? Right? So it’s cool. None of that impacts my opinion of him. I think he’s super talented. 

I’m excited to see what he’s going to do as Wonderman because from what we understand, this is supposed to be a comedic character much like in the comics, more of a not-so-serious type of character

 like he’s playing with Black Manta, and even what he did with Manhattan. So overall, I’m really excited about

this. I think that he’s going to offer something awesome to this role as a whole. And I think that in due time, 

when we see what direction they go with this character in the MCU, I think there’s going to be something interesting here with getting an actor like him to play him and just how far out of his normal brooding, 

I guess, the genre-type casting can he go out of. And maybe this is an indication that they’re going to go a little bit more serious with Wonderman. 

I mean, I don’t know. But overall, it’s pretty awesome. 

The deadline is dead set that he’s been cast. So I guess we’ll talk about it soon. They’re probably going to make it official or Disney is going to sit on it and we’re all going to know about it for a couple of months like they did other times when it comes to casting.


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