X-Men 97 Fans Rejoice as Major Release Update Unveiled by MCU

X-Men 97 Fans Rejoice as Major Release Update Unveiled by MCU

X-Men 97 Fans Rejoice as Major Release Update Unveiled by MCU

We know that Marvel Studios is going to take quite a bit of time to bring us the Xmen into the MCU proper. But before we get there, we of course, are going to be treated to Xmen 97, a cartoon continuation of X Men The Animated Series, the original cartoon that I think many of us discovered the Xmen through. And since it’s been in development for quite a while, it’s good to hear that we might be seeing a release this year.

Make no mistake about it, X-Men 97 is one of the most anticipated things on Disney Plus. If you just look at the traction that the series has gotten and the hype from people that love that series, even people that don’t keep up with much of what’s going on, there’s a lot here.

X-Men 97 Fans Rejoice as Major Release Update Unveiled by MCU

So naturally, I think Disney is going to put a lot of power, backing and marketing behind this. So thanks to X Men’s update over on Twitter, they had an update in regards to what is going on.

And X-Men 97, season one is currently in post-production and is set for a debut unless something goes horrifically wrong this fall. Now, if we just look at the release of upcoming Disney Plus shows and where things could fall into place,

I think it’s a safe bet that sometime around September to late September, possibly October would be the optimal place. To release this between some live action TV series and also depend on where they release what if season two, which what happened to that? Now, there has been some insiders I’ve seen saying that this doesn’t make sense because Disney’s delaying shows,

but live-action shows is what they’re delaying. Animation has not been affected at all outside of longer post-production because animation always takes a long time, especially your first go around. Once you figure out the animation style and got it all worked out, then it’s quicker to turn it around. So I don’t believe any of these people that are just saying,

no, it’s not happening because it doesn’t make sense to me. They’re already working on season two. So obviously season one is deep in post-production. So, yeah, get excited for more X-Men. And I’m going to assume that ahead of this, we’re going to have a pretty big push on the brand, specifically from places like Hasbro, for example, which has been turning out X Men

The Animated Series figures honestly more than anything else. And people like me who buy those, yeah, we’re constantly swamped and there’s a lot of X-Men coming. So get hyped.

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