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Will Wesley Snipes cameo in the new Blade movie?

Will Wesley Snipes cameo in the new Blade movie?

This is news that I am sure will disappoint many fans of Wesley Snipes version of Blade. But to no one’s surprise, wesley says that Marvel Studios has not asked him to return.

So I think most of you know that Blade has already been cast. We have a blade. Actor It’s not Wesley Snipes. They are doing a reboot. 

Will Wesley Snipes cameo in the new Blade movie?
Will Wesley Snipes cameo in the new Blade movie?

Now, there has been plenty of people like me who are hoping that maybe, just maybe, they can pull off a Blade cameo or some sort of version of Blade having a cameo by Wesley Snipe. And I think that part would be something that’s very cool. It’s a fun little nod. You can have fun with it.

 I don’t know. Here, me just spitballing. Why not have Blade in a bar looking for info or something, and have one of the bartenders be Wesley Snipes and he drops one of his lines, right? That would be kind of cool. I think that would be fun. 

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Unfortunately, it seems like we might not even get that because Wesley Snipes, as part of a recent interview, he was talking about the future of Blade. He said he’s excited. He can’t wait to see what Marvel is going to do with the character because he loves the character so much. But then he revealed, after being asked about his involvement,

that Marvel Studios has not approached him or asked him to appear in the thing at all. As far as he’s concerned, he knows nothing about the upcoming reboot. He’s never talked to them about it, and he thinks he’s not going to be asked to return in any way, shape or form. 

Now, I do understand that Kevin Feige was involved with the Blade films very early on, and he was even an executive producer when Blade Three came out. So he would have seen all of Wesley’s antics and how he was treating the cast and crew and going insane.

 But times have changed, and we’ve seen people in Hollywood work with people they had bad experiences with before, or make amends and just get back to it. So I think that could happen.

Will Wesley Snipes cameo in the new Blade movie?
Will Wesley Snipes cameo in the new Blade movie?

 I am a bit disappointed that Snipe says this, but I also think he could be lying, or maybe they just haven’t asked him yet. But because they want to keep it a secret, because it’s going to happen later on, maybe closer to finalizing things or closer to the film coming out or those final reshoots or something. 

So I still think that there’s a chance we could get it. And I do think that they’ll try something. But I honestly do not think, for whatever reason, that some people still believe that he could come back as Blade. I don’t think that’s happening unless it’s part of a multiverse type of story.

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 He’s not coming back as Blade. But cameos are always possible. A small, different role would be great. Who really knows? It’s a bit disappointing, but I never thought it was going to happen anyway, so it’s not such a big blow to me. How do you guys feel about this? 

Because I know plenty of people are mad, but let’s be real. He was never going playblade in the MCU a cameo. Still, I guess somewhat out of the question. But they can make that happen easier.


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