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Will Werewolf by Night be in the MCU

Will Werewolf by Night be in the MCU

Werewolf by Night Director says NO to Directing Blade for Marvel Studios

Michael Jaquino, the Director of Marvel’s Werewolf. Finite has said no. I’m not directing Blade. Well, that’s one name that’s officially stated they will not be directed the project that is in desperate need of a director.

Will Werewolf by Night be in the MCU

After the huge success of of Werewolf By Night, many people, including us here, jumped on the obvious choice. Hey, the Blade director just walked away.

 You had this guy pull off a miracle with a small budget made for Disney Plus movie that’s getting rave reviews and everybody wants more of, why not just get him to well again, be restricted with money and also deliver us the goods? 

And naturally, I think many people hope that this would get announced soon. But speaking with comic book, michael Jaquino, the former composer, now turned director, stated, yeah, I’m not interested in this



. He says, I love Blade. I think he’s an amazing character. 

But I have other things in motion and other things I’m currently doing. And time wise, things are a little crazy right now, and I can’t dedicate myself to do that. There’s just too many things happening now. 

Will Werewolf by Night be in the MCU

Obviously, he’s probably going to direct a couple more things. He made a killer first showing. He’s going to be composing new things. So obviously

his time is important to him and he can’t take another two years of his life, three years with press and everything to go do Blade and then talk about the release on physical home media and do all these interviews, 

press junkets and all this when he’s got to compose. And certainly I think he would have been a perfect man for the job. But as he’s talked about, there’s shifting schedules for everything.

 So imagine if he’s directing a Blade and suddenly he’s going to compose it as well. But then one of the other projects he’s supposed to work on, probably Stack Spiderman, right?

 Then he’s got to compose that as well, and things are just going to become too much for him. And certainly Werewolf and Knight was a great showing for him.

 But the scale, size and budget of a 50 minutes special that’s meant to entertain a couple of million people and bring in small amounts of revenue to streaming versus a film that’s going to have $150,000,000 budget and needs to make 350 to 500 million to be profitable

as a Blade film that’s a different aspect altogether. And I think he understands hands. I just got my feet wet. Let’s not drop me straight into that ecosystem and have me hate this business right off the start. So I’m happy that he said no.


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