Will there be a season 2 of What If Marvel?

Will there be a season 2 of What If Marvel?

Will there be a season 2 of What If Marvel?

The long-awaited I think a citation is needed. Go look up citations. I know some people are excited about it, but not many. The long-awaited, though season two of Marvel’s What If gets a somewhat disappointing release update because we’re not seeing it this year.

Marvel studio seems to be taking a whole lot of time with season two. According to some reports, they’ve really gone back to the drawing board and changed a lot of elements, introducing a lot of new characters and just sort of going away from what season one was, which,

let’s be honest, was a series that was all over the place, that was overhyped, and I would say under-delivered. Despite the fact that I think that a lot of the things that they did were very interesting, there were just a lot of ups and downs. So we’re hearing that season two was delayed for quite a long time to be able to fix these issues, address them and get the series out with a whole lot of fixes.

Will there be a season 2 of What If Marvel?
Will there be a season 2 of What If Marvel?
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And now we’re hearing that possibly late 2023, but more than likely January to March of 2024 is when we’re going to see season two. Now, I’m okay with this. Take your time. Get the season out that you want. Tie it in with other projects if you have to. Retool it. Scrap episodes that might not fit in.

Like the one episode that was scrapped from season one that had the Hulk buster on Sakar and it was Tony and Gamora and whatever else. If that doesn’t fit, just completely scrap it because what’s the point of shoving it in there? And it doesn’t make sense, and it sounds like that’s exactly what they might be doing. So if that’s the case, cool. I’m cool with it.

Just get the best possible product out and maybe tie it more into future plans. Because now you sort of got the foresight of what you’re building up towards, unlike season one, where it was shifting due to the pandemic and all these problems. So let’s hope it turns out for the best because I really want season two to be what most people want and that’s good and for it to actually matter.

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So what’s your guys take on this? Are you okay with this? Does it bum you out? Do you not even care? Did season one turn you off of it? What’s your take? I’ve seen all sorts of responses from the fandom. It seems to be a mixed bag series.

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