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Will there be a black suit in Spider-Man 2?

With the release of Marvel Spiderman in late 2023. According to Insomniac themselves and Sony, there’s a lot to look forward to and there’s a lot we’re going to be talking about that relates to this upcoming video game. One thing I wanted to tackle, 

Will there be a black suit in Spider-Man 2?
Will there be a black suit in Spider-Man 2?
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which some of you asked me to talk about and now I got more time to talk about Marvel, is the inclusion of the black suit and the possible hint that we’re gonna see it as a playable skin. So let’s talk about the evidence and what we can get from this. So, as most of you know,

 next year is the anniversary of Spiderman, just like every year has an anniversary for Spiderman. But this one is important and big because it is the 60th anniversary of Spiderman.

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 Believe it or not, Webb had 60 years of this character enduring and becoming the most popular superhero in the world today. Absolutely amazing. 

And of course, dare I say it the best comic book video games ever. Anyways, though, this came just recently directly from Sony, Marvel, and Insomniac, where they revealed a bunch of variant covers for the upcoming celebration. 

Will there be a black suit in Spider-Man 2?
Will there be a black suit in Spider-Man 2?

And five of these are based on Marvel Spiderman by Insomniac. Right now, I would do my best Vince McMahon impersonation of how beautiful they look, but no, I will spare you from that. But seriously, these are gorgeous. 

Obviously a lot of inspiration here on some classic covers. Chances are 100% of you mostly recognize at least one of these and where the inspiration comes from. 

The important thing here is it links to a pretty nice in detail, sort of breakdown of all these covers, the inspiration, the people behind them, their history, and their love for Spiderman. 

But most people are pointing to one specific section of this whole article and what was said. So there’s a little bit from John Stubb, there’s a bunch from Oliver Fletcher, and it’s specifically some of the stuff that he talks about in relation to growing up, the 90s, iconic Spiderman comics covers, and all that. 

And one thing that he mentions is very important in relation to the whole black suit because, well, if you connect the dots here with the covers and what he’s saying, some of his inspirations, it kind of alludes to the whole venom arc, the black suit and having Peter ditched a black suit, which I think most people remember. 

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It’s more or less iconic because of the whole church bell scene, which has been recreated in so many different things from the 90s cartoon even to well, it sounds like maybe even the video game might recreate it. 

And the main thing here is the fact that there have been times recently when multiple people that are associated with working on Marvel Spiderman have been on Instagram, and people that follow them have found out that they like specific images that show Insomniac Spiderman. But he symbiotes it. 

Will there be a black suit in Spider-Man 2?
Will there be a black suit in Spider-Man 2?

So, again, people are trying to connect multiple dots here between what’s being said, what is happening on social media, and all these things. 

Now, let’s just be real about it. You’re already putting Venom into a Spiderman game. Are you not going to put the black suit in there? Could you imagine that? Could you imagine that? You fight Venom but you never get the black suit yourself? No, you’re going to have to get it at some point. 

I certainly hope it’s not something like a DLC story expansion because that would feel very we want to monetize everything and we know you’ll pay for it. Even if we ask a lot of money for it, like 20, $30, we’ll pay for it because we will. But I do think Insomniac is going to put it in here. 

And the reason we’re seeing all this is honestly because they’re just building us up, because that reveal is going to be huge. It’s literally going to be one of those moments where you’re going to see reactions of people crying, cheering, and breaking the microphone by spiking it so hard



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