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Will the Silver Surfer be in Fantastic Four

Will the Silver Surfer be in Fantastic Four?

Marvel’s Silver Surfer To Release Right Before Fantastic Four Reboot Reportedly

We got another pretty big update on the supposed Silver Surfer project that’s in development at Disney and Marvel Studios that will see release as a Marvel special just like Werewolf by Night. 

Will the Silver Surfer be in Fantastic Four

This alleged news is regarding when exactly we can expect it. And it sounds like the plan is to release it in tandem with Fantastic Four.

You know what they say about Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four. Whatever you think it is, you can put it down below. Also, 

watch out for those stupid telegram comments. Good God. No matter how many I block, they’re always popping up with new ones. Just ignore them. 

Anyways, you know what they say about Silver Surfer. If he teams up with any of Iron Man’s characters, they’re going to be pretty good alloys,

allies, and alloys. So, yeah. Reportedly, the Silver Surfer special will release somewhere within a month of the release of Fantastic Four.

 Rumors are currently suggesting that it’s going to be before it because they want to introduce the character and possibly have connections to Fantastic Four and obviously tease elements of the two worlds colliding.

 Now, since Silver Surfer is supposed to obviously some way, shape or form introduce Galactus, you could see that maybe the big setup is to kind of tease the big future after Secret Wars. And I know it’s already insane.

 We’re talking about the future after Secret Wars considering that, my God, we’re not even at Secret Wars yet, anywhere near close to it. It’s like over 1000 days away. But still,

 you got to start thinking about the future already. And after Secret Wars, I don’t think it gets bigger than Galactus because that’s, again, taking it backward, but also increasing the stakes of, hey, he’s eating planets.

Will the Silver Surfer be in Fantastic Four

 So this could be a good way, honestly, to time things and kind of piece of what comes next without directly leaning into all of it and kind of spelling it out for everybody. 

And I certainly do think that this is the case. Silver, silver, as a special, you want a time that would be fantastic Four because you want to get that synergistic hype.  So I’m hopeful.

 I hope that this happens and I hope it’s something that they can pull off with a good budget because certainly, this is going to need to be top-tier. We spent good money on Silver Surfer,

 and if you ruin Silver Surfer, it’s going to be a lot of heads rolling because the fans are going to come out of swinging.


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