Will Deborah Ann Woll be in Daredevil: Born Again

Will Deborah Ann Woll be in Daredevil: Born Again

When Marvel’s Daredevil Born Again was revealed on stage for its second time at D 23, only two actors were confirmed to be returning,

this being Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Vincent Dinafrio’s Kingpin. Since that time, the character of Daredevil has shown up in Shell,

Will Deborah Ann Woll be in Daredevil: Born Again

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and Marvel Studios and Vincent Donofrio has started teasing the new work that’s about to begin on Daredevil Born Again, but it sounds like they’re the only ones in the know, as one of the other main stars of Daredevil hasn’t been asked to return.

So this is regarding Dobra Anne Wolf, who of course played Karen Page in Marvel’s Daredevil, but also she obviously had appearances, and The Punisher, for example, because she was so connected to Frank Castle’s story. While fans have wanted to know whether she’s coming back or not because obviously there’s a lot of excitement about daredevil, 

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when he showed up in SheHulk, they used the Daredevil theme song, implying that it’s canon. I mean, they even openly addressed it on Marvel.com that it is canon, saying, oh yeah, it’s like the same character. So one would assume Dobra is coming back as Karen, right?

She responded to many inquiries saying Marvel has not told her whether she’s back or not. And with the series currently in preproduction and the scripts being written, and it’s set to start shooting in early 2023, one would assume that maybe they’ve reached out so far. 

But who knows? Maybe they just are taking their time. Or maybe her character isn’t going to be around anymore. It’s been quite

Will Deborah Ann Woll be in Daredevil: Born Again

a bit of time since Daredevil ended. And I mean in the universe, right? Like in-universe time, it’s been like, what, five, six, seven years, depending on when Daredevil season three takes place, which has to be way before Infinity War. 

So you can kind of assume that maybe the character has moved on, which is why Matt can go have relations with other women. They’re not maybe together anymore, or maybe they’re still friends and working together, but something’s up between them by the time we get to the story. So who really knows? Or she could realistically be lying. 

But I guess you be the judge and you guess that one. But whatever happens, I’m assuming they’re going to try to get her back. It just wouldn’t make sense. Sense not to. Unless this is a full-on reboot. Then it adds more questions to what we now know and what they’ve said. So you figure that one out.


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