Is Black Adam a hero now?

Will Black Adam Return

Now that Black Atom is behind us, we can look forward to the future of the DCEU and how they build out their new shared universe,

 which The Rock said starts with Phase one being Black Atom. So let’s talk about where potentially Black Atom could show up next.

Is Black Adam a hero now?

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So I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not somebody that’s looking forward to just random cameos everywhere.

 I always hated the idea of back when phase one and phase two of the MCU were happening, especially during phase two, where every single complaint was, 

why doesn’t Iron Man just call to get help from Captain America? Why doesn’t Captain America just call Thor? Why doesn’t Thor just go get Hulk? Why don’t the Guardians go recruit the Avengers and so forth and so forth?

 And then now that we have all those cameos and crossovers happening and sort of being important to the story that people have gone through, why are we being forced to watch this Disney Plus show to get the cameo?

 Why don’t you just make a standalone project? Look, I like a mixture of the two, okay? Sometimes I think it doesn’t work. Most of the time,

 I think it does. If DC wants to mimic the MCU, which they do, let’s be real. They need to make some of these cameos and crossovers a little bit more important. Obviously, Peacemaker

had a pretty awesome one, and, well, that’s really the extent of it. Obviously, Black Adam had Superman, but again,

 we don’t know what’s next. So where exactly can we expect Black Adam to pop up if they’re going to further his story? Well, unfortunately, I don’t think there are many places unless the story goes to conduct, because, again, 

he’s restricted and has been told staying conduct or things are going to get worse. So unless a man of Steel Two is Black Adam vs. Superman, or unless Black Adam Two is Black Adam versus Superman, 

Is Black Adam a hero now?

what do you really do with Black Adam? So, again, I think we get into this territory where you can’t really do much with him. But I do think that there is the chance 

since we know that they were doing Flash reshoots and that’s when they shot the Henry Cavill cameo, that maybe Black Adam could pop up in the multiverse. I think that’s very possible.

 So, realistically, I think there’s only really one place the character pops up, and who knows what James Gunn is working Again, we know that realistically, he could pop up somewhere outside Amanda Waller or something, but again,

got to leave Kabak. Realistically, Shazam too, could happen, but at the end of that film, you then need to have Shazam go to Kanak again, what story reason do you have there?

 So I think it’s going to be a while until we see him. And The Rock is a busy man, make no mistake. So I’ll be real. 

I look forward to seeing him again. Black Adam is one of my favorite films I think it focuses too much on action, but I genuinely do want to see more of the characters and see what they do next. I’m more optimistic than I was before, so bring it on.


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