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Why was Batgirl Cancelled Michael Keaton’s Role

Okay, guys, so we got some details on the scrapped elements of Batgirl, the things that didn’t work, the things that they were hoping to reshoot, and what exactly Michael Keaton’s role was in the upcoming film. So let’s get to all of that.

Why was Batgirl Cancelled Michael Keaton's Role

So there’s been numerous reports since the cancelation of Backgirl on what exactly happened in terms of the development of the film, how it felt, and how it came off. 

And one thing we’ve constantly heard was that the thing was smaller scale and almost insignificant in terms of the larger plot and giant impact on the entire DC universe, some comparing it to an expensive 

CW pilot in terms of its impact and how it comes off in certain elements because it looked different. Other people have said it also looked and reminded them of Miss Marvel, which, again, the same director.

 So it had a unique flair to it that wasn’t really a core thing in the MCU. Which. Again. I kind of believe that because that would make sense now. In regards to Michael Keaton’s role. And this is the big one. 

Allegedly. The run time of the entire film was about an hour and 40 to an hour and 15 minutes. And that there was good action and good set pieces. But Michael Keaton was not in a majority of it. He was a supporting role,

Why was Batgirl Cancelled Michael Keaton's Role

and his role would have been a retired Bruce Wayne Batman, which is why Batgirl takes on the identity. He then would essentially come out of retirement to help her out and kind of guide her

 because he sees that Gotham needs help and he can’t do it anymore. So he was sprinkled throughout the film as Bruce Wayne and then at the end as Batman, 

sort of helping the heroes find their footing and still trying to maintain some sort of contact with all of them in the DCEU,

 but also not getting directly involved. And it sounds like there definitely would have been more connections to the bigger Batman universe. 

Again, mentions of Nightwing, Red Hood and possibly even teasing a Batman beyond style thing were apparently very much in the cards, 

or at least in some versions of the scripts and things they were planning to reshoot. But again, those reshoots will never happen. 

So we don’t really know what else there is. But overall, it sounds like there were definitely a lot of ideas for Keaton and especially

Batman, to keep popping up like this in all other projects. But those are all sort of in the rearview mirror.


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