Why Steve Jobs Wore The Same Outfit Everyday

Why Steve Jobs Recommended a book To Everyone

Why Steve Jobs Recommended a book To Everyone

We can all agree that Steve Jobs is one of the most revolutionary entrepreneurs of our time. He was a genius, and he credited his intuition for many of his ideas. Today will be the beginning of an alternative,

 an alternative that starts with people rather than mainframes He believed that his journey of self actualization or realization transformed him and his business. Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. 

Why Steve Jobs Recommended a Book To Everyone
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So it doesn’t come as a surprise that he ordered 500 copies of a self-actualization boo ordered 500 copies of a self-actk to be given to each guest at his own memorial. That book was Autobiography of a Yogi, which he read many times in high school and reread once a year ever since. 

You can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backward. Makes you think, doesn’t it? What is it about this book that Steve Jobs left it as a parting note for the rest of us?

So let’s talk about it. Paramhansa Yogananda,

The best-selling book, Autobiography of a Yogi, which turns 76 in print this December, is the life story of Paramhansa Yogananda, an Indian monk, yogi, and guru. 

His spiritual legacy has transcended a century, transforming the lives of millions around the world. Born in 1093 in India, he came to America at the age of 27 with a mission of hope to reintroduce people to the power of yoga for inner transformation. His contribution earned him the title of the Father of Yoga in the west. 

To get to the soul, get beyond the subconscious. That’s the purpose of Riya Yoga and Meditate meditation is to practice the presence of God. Riya Yoga is the highest practicing the presence of God. His many religious and philosophical concepts, 

scientific methods of self-realization, principles of yoga, and ancient spiritual insights have since found a place in education, psychology, business, medicine, and other spheres of endeavor. But this book specifically is a phenomenon on its own. 

Power Of a Book-Why Steve Jobs Recommended It To Everyone

More than 4 million copies have been sold worldwide and counted. Its popularity peaked in 2011 after Steve Jobs memorial, so much so that the sales almost tripled. That was further fuelled by the increased popularity of yoga and meditation practices in recent years. 

The New York Times even listed it as one of the most 100 most important religious books of the 20th century. If you observe closely, these are more than just sales and revenue. It’s how many people yoga nanda has reached, even after his passing, with his story lessons and, of course,

 the power of yoga. His book is among the languages of yoga and spirituality spoken globally, which in itself is a reflection of his mission for the world accomplished many times over.

 Besides Steve jobs, the autobiography of a yogi has inspired other influential personalities such as ravi shankar, Indian satirist and composer george Harrison, lead guitarist of the Beatles Elvis Presley, legendary American singer and actor Verad Kole, 

Indian cricketer among many others. Across the accounts of this book’s followers, one thing is common they have always given it forward. Inspired by the Indian culture, philosophy,

 spiritual journey, and miracles described, they have passed on the book to guide another. There’s no better testimony of a book’s impact than this. Well before publishing the book, 

it was known that people will grow hungry for spiritual guidance, mental clarity and strength, and methods to help them brave any storm. His genius was showing how these techniques can be applied in modern times into New Age aspirations such as goals, healing and success. 

He understood that ancient texts are difficult for the new generation to fathom. Hence, he laid out the steps to follow powerful but practical techniques such as Kriya Yoga. In this book,

Power Of a Book-Why Steve Jobs Recommended It To Everyone

 yoga and spirituality have the power to transform how our mind functions, as proven by Steve Jobs own experience and many others, especially in the times we live in, where the inner voice is often

silenced by the outer world. More so with social media, the aggressive race to success, war, diseases, conflicts, climate change and other elements of chaos that threaten our inner peace.

 While much in the outside world is out of control, our inner world can be saved and transformed. Autobiography of a Yoga is that tool and a blessing disguised as a book to help us understand and harness this power within.



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