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Why Shazam Director Turned Down Marvel to Direct DC Film

Why Shazam Director Turned Down Marvel to Direct DC Film

The director of DC, shazam reveals details in regard to what was going on in his life prior to joining Shazam and the DC universe. And he confirms that, yes, he was offered the job of Venom.

Why Shazam Director Turned Down Marvel to Direct DC Film

So, over on social media, the director of Shazam and Shazam Theory of the Gods, David F. Sandberg, was asked about potentially working with Marvel and what characters he might be interested in, and has he ever been offered other superhero projects. 

And he says that at the time he was in talks with a New line for Shazam, he already had meetings with Sony and that he was already going down the path of possibly directing Venom. But when he looked at the two projects, he realized that Shazam seemed more up his alley, 

and he believes that Venom turned out quite good, and he’s happy for them, but he feels like that Shazam was the right pick. Now, there are two ways to look at this. Venom is way more successful than Shazam. I mean, it made almost two, five times the amount of money. So, yeah,

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 Venom obviously had more mainstream name value and power behind it, and it’s Venom way more recognizable than Shazam. But I will say I think Shazam is a better film. Now, is there a potential world out

there where Venom ends up being way better because you have a better director? Maybe. But then there’s the possibility that Shazam could have been a lot worse because you got a worse director. Right? So I think the way things turned out ultimately worked out for the best.

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 But it’s good to know that he’s already had conversations with Marvel to some degree, and maybe somewhere down the road, he could take on a project. I honestly would not mind seeing Samberg take on something in Sony’s universe. 

Could you imagine a Spiderman film directed by him that’s not like in the MCU, but maybe focuses on one of the clones, like Ben Riley or Kane or someone like that? I think that would be quite amazing. He could deliver something completely different, just like Shazam is completely different than the rest of the DCEU.

Why Shazam Director Turned Down Marvel to Direct DC Film

 So I guess in due time, we’ll find out. But it’s cool when we find out things like this and how close they were to happening. So, what do you guys think? Do you think his version of Venom

would have been better or worse? I certainly think it would have been directed better, but that’s just me.


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