Why does Kamala call herself Ms. Marvel?

Why does Kamala call herself Ms. Marvel?

Why does Kamala call herself Ms. Marvel?

When it comes to the future of the MCU, multiple stars of the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel, the Marvels have all said it’s Miss Marvel. She is going to be one of the highlights of the MCU going forward.

And now Marvel Studios’ very own Kevin Feige at this point, like, quadruples down on this statement saying that if you love Miss Marvel in the comics, you’re gonna love her just as much in the actual MCU because she steals the show in the upcoming sequel.

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Look, before the comments fill up with it. If you don’t like Miss Marvel or Captain Marvel or the idea of this franchise, it’s obviously not for you.

Why does Kamala call herself Ms. Marvel?
Why does Kamala call herself Ms. Marvel?
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You don’t have to like everything. Not everything is meant for everybody. That’s always been the thing. That’s why there’s so much variety in the MCU. So it is what it is. I know Miss Marvel wasn’t everybody’s favorite thing. I certainly had my issues with it.

But I absolutely love, well, Miss Marvel. I thought she was perfect. It was literally like taking Kamala from the comics, placing her into live-action, and just getting it right the first time. It’s hard to believe they’re going to ever get it better if they ever reboot unless they make her a proper inhuman. But I don’t want to get on that rant right here.

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So Feige recently, speaking with multiple outlets, specifically Entertainment Weekly to start, said Kamala steals the show, watching her act, interact with everybody, bring that whole fangirl aspect from the comics to life because that’s how she is in.

Real life is just a joy to watch and that her relationship with the rest of the cast just steals the entire thing because she’s so good at it. And that the cast got along, that her placement and plot in this film really works, and that everything sort of revolves around these three really having energy and working well with one another and really coming off like they are genuinely in love with these characters and want to be here.

Which, again, yeah, that’s kind of what you need, right? You got to put yourself into the character and get it done. So I’m excited. Again, I know it’s not for everybody. I know some of you absolutely hate everybody involved with this franchise, and that’s fine.

Why does Kamala call herself Ms. Marvel?
Why does Kamala call herself Ms. Marvel?

Again, it’s not for everybody, but for the people that are excited, it’s good to hear that everything you love about Miss Marvel is going to translate well into this sequel to her series, so let’s be real. And we’re going to get more of that and more of her powers and evolution and everything, which should excite Miss Marvel fans to hear this, because some of us did fear change, that they were kind of take away some of those things that make Kamala so charming and enduring.

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