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Why did Disney bring back Bob Iger

Why did Disney bring back Bob Iger?

Well, guys, we got some big breaking news coming at us that’s really industry-changing. And that’s the fact that Bob Chapek, the CEO of Disney, has officially been given the boot. He’s excited and he’s been replaced by the former CEO of O, Bob Iger, who is now back in charge of Disney.

Why did Disney bring back Bob Iger
Why did Disney bring back Bob Iger

OK, so in essence, what’s going on here is Bob Chapek on the left, and Iger on the right, in this image are back to where they were before the whole change happened just about a year ago.

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Now, again, Bob Iger ran Disney for quite a long time, and he cited as the man who brought Disney to where it is today. He’s the one that said, hey guys, we can’t just keep developing our own properties and IPS because there’s already IPS and big names out there that are going to destroy us.

So he’s the one that said, let’s go by Star Wars, let’s go by Disney and give them the resources and then integrate them into Disney and make ourselves bigger.Bob Chapek, when he came in, he did the opposite. He said, hey guys, let’s just scale back everything. Let’s do even less of what we’ve done already. Just pretend like you

Why did Disney bring back Bob Iger

And everybody was like, wait, what?
He was one of the, I guess you could say, people to blame for when it comes to some of the cheaper CG that we’ve seen recently and all that. Because again, there’s so many problems that were going on with him in charge because he was known as the man that’s going to get it done quick and on the cheap.

And we’ve seen when it happened with Marvel TV, for instance, when they want to do a quick and cheap, it hurt the bigger picture in Marvel Studios. And again, it’s not all bad with JPEG, but most of the decisions he made were just bad for everybody involved.

And again, some of the things he said and all that has just been a complete PR disaster. So this honestly all makes a whole lot of sense. And this comes at us right before earnings calls are going to be

happening. So it makes sense. There was rumblings in the last 48 hours that this was going to happen anyway.

So we’ll talk more about this probably tomorrow when more news hits in the morning, when the stock market and everything opens. I’m assuming there’s going to be some statements and stuff.

And we’re going to get into the nitty gritty here, which is what I like to do anyway when it comes to the financial side of Marvel and Star Wars. And what does this mean for the and we’ll talk about that when we get to it, because I think people are automatically going to expect one thing, and it’s not that easy.

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