Captain America

Who is going to be Captain America in New World Order

We got some big news on Captain America, aka Captain America New World Order, and this is in regard to the start of the production of the upcoming project.

The current production company, LLC, is Change Up Productions, and they are setting up shop to start shooting Cats Captain America in mid to late March of 2023 in Atlanta,

Captain America
Who is going to be Captain America in New World Order
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Georgia, where Marvel Studios has recently been shooting just about every project.
So the reason this is all important is that it’s telling you that this shoot and postproduction is going to be quick again.

If they start shooting in mid to late March of 2023. With a May 3 of 2024 release, this means that Marvel Studios is officially back on the train like they were before the Pandemic.

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Meaning that a typical turnaround of shooting the thing, post-produce it, and releasing it in the twelve to 15-month window like they were used to. Besides, the big ensemble Avengers film is back on the table on top of this.

The fact that they’re going to be shooting this in Atlanta, Georgia, alongside the Thunderbolts, means that they can obviously share some of the sets if they need to, also actors.

And the fact that Harrison Ford will be in both kind of tells you why exactly they’re doing it like this and what the ultimate goal here will be. And I think this is, in my opinion, personally great because it shows you that Marvel Studios is really comfortable with a shorter production time.

Now, it’s not like Thor Love and Thunder, for example, where delays during the pandemic and everything kept shifting things back,

Who is going to be Captain America in New World Order

and by the time the thing came out, it shot like two and a half years before that. This means that things are slowly going back to normal, and I think that’s really great. And in my opinion, this is a good thing for Marvel Studios because it shows that to them, they’re not going to slow down at all.

Now, again, some people might have problems with this. I get that. Obviously, I think the most impacted side of things is the TV side of things when it comes to some of these problems because the budget on there and the CG just doesn’t want to look at the films.

But Captain America, they’re going to get this one right, make no mistake about it, because Cap has always been one of their crowning jewels as a character in the franchise. So in my opinion, this is great. Their starting then kind of makes things all go smoothly unless they end up in a blade situation where the
director quits two weeks before starting. But then it’s going to be a whole different problem.

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