First Look at MCU MODOK Revealed

When was Ant-Man Quantumania announced?

All right, here we are. Let’s talk about Antman and the Wasp, quantum mania and the social media embargo, aka when we will hear the first official reactions ahead of the full reviews.

When was Ant-Man Quantumania announced?
When was Ant-Man Quantumania announced?

Some of you liked the whole DC thing and said, hey, change it up, do more on camera. I guess the phone sounds good enough until I get a proper set up, whenever that might be. Either way, though, let’s talk about quantum mania. 

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So February 6 is officially the day that we are going to find out the first reactions. Now, again, this is good far in advance. Depending on where you live, it’s either eight to eleven days ahead of the film, which I think is good.

 It’s safe, it shows, I think, confidence. Again, we don’t know as of right now, as of when I’m recording this, the full, like, release of the reviews, I’m going to assume it’s going to be really close to the film. 

But what I’m kind of getting at here is that those early reviews, you guys always know and I always say they’re preaching to the choir, right? Those early social media reactions, they get the biggest fans, the people that are the most hyped, the influencers that are out there, that are just go had to be there. And it’s always

a little skewed. I think it’s safe to say that we heard the social media embargo for Storwell and Thunder, again hailed as one of the greatest marvel films of all time. Now, whether it is or not, that’s up to you to decide, but certainly the first impressions were through the roof. 

And then once the reviews started coming, we saw the full consensus. So I guess what I’m trying to say is February 6 is right around the corner. It’s not that far away. It’s far enough from the film that it gives us enough anticipation, and then whenever the reviews hit, we’ll have a better picture of it. 

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To me, though, I think this does show some confidence, which also means, obviously, that the world premiere is well ahead of the embargo, right?

When was Ant-Man Quantumania announced?
When was Ant-Man Quantumania announced?

 So I’m assuming that some spoilers will get out, which will be unfortunate for those looking to go in all surprised. But again, we’ll talk about that when we get to that and what happens next. So, yeah, let me know if this changes your guys’opinion on this at all. And

are you worried? No. Yes. Who knows? Do you just not care? I know it’s other people’s reactions. I tell people, just take it for what it is, somebody’s opinion, and then what happens, happens.

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