What was Aquaman budget

What was Aquaman 2 budget

The release of Aquaman two, aka Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom, is still quite a ways off. But thanks to brand new reports, we now know that this film has officially become one of the most expensive DC films ever made, entering DC’s top five. So let’s talk about this budget and ultimately what it means, if anything.

What was Aquaman budget?

So when it comes to the most expensive DC film of all time, justice League just the original theatrical cut was 300 million with Joss Whedon’s additional reshoots, we still do not know the final cost of those, which will report being about 100 million and Zack Snyder adding another 100 million on top of that.

 It’s one of the most expensive films ever made, if not the most expensive, at 500 million. Follow that. In second place is Batman be Superman, the dawn of justice with 263,000,000 below that. And number three is the Dark Knight Rises at 230. Number four is a man of Steel at 225. 

And number five, officially joining this list, taking over for Superman Returns, is Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom at 205,000,000.

 Now, again, compared to some of the big marble heavy hitters like Thor, Love, and Thunder, which was 250,000,000, obviously, it’s not even comparable, right? It’s like 45 million more for Thor. But again, we’re talking about Aquaman here and we’re talking about visual effects that

are done by companies that are typical, if you look at some of them, a little cheaper. So it makes sense. And also the stars of this film are not paid as much as somebody like Chris Hemsworth. So this all honestly makes a lot of sense. 

Now, looking at this budget realistically, I don’t think it matters and I don’t think it’s going to impact anything. If the film does as well as the first film did, this thing will officially be profitable after two and a half to three weeks in theaters. And I think that’s really what it’s all about. 

What was Aquaman budget?

But whether that impacts anything or not still doesn’t matter because they’re already full on, full force moving forward with a new DC universe. So whatever the future for Aquaman holds, who knows if this film is going to have any impact on it. 

I certainly think to some degree it will when it comes to Jason. But outside of that, it’s obvious things are going in a different direction for various reasons. And I’m cool with it. Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom,

it could see that typical sequel makes less type of scenario which has become more prominent with films, which, if it did, would not surprise me. The first film was a surprising big hit for most people. 

So this one, it could go either way. It’s definitely going to post a profit. But how big? Who knows? And does it impact anything? Who really cares? Because there’s already other things in moat. So 205,000,000, all things considered,



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