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What issue did Sam Wilson become Captain America

What issue did Sam Wilson become Captain America

Captain America, sam Wilson is going to find himself having plenty of problems in the MCU when we get to the upcoming New World Order sequel.

So now we hear directly from one of the producers at Marvel Studios just what type of uphill battle Sam is going to be fighting because he doesn’t have any powers.

What issue did Sam Wilson become Captain America
What issue did Sam Wilson become Captain America

So this comes at us from one of the producers that’s involved with Marvel Studios, nate Moore, who was specifically asked about how exactly is Sam Wilson going to be able to fight somebody like the leader, considering he has no powers and he’s nothing like Steve Rogers.

And he said it’s exactly that. That’s what the story is going to tackle. How exactly does he do this? Because he is not Steve Rogers. And he said if you look at Cap, Cap is like Rock. And he’s referencing Sam Wilson.

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He says he has this underdog situation. He has an uphill battle. Everybody will be betting on the opponent because the opponent comes in strong, they look like they’re going to win, they’re dominant, they have everything going for them.

But Sam doesn’t have the powers and he’s got to show everybody what exactly it means to be the new Captain America.

So what happens next when you put into that position where you have to prove every single person wrong, you have to earn it. You are out classed and out matched.

You’re not a super soldier. You’re not going to make an argument for it. You’re going to just show them why them not believing in you is exactly why you’re the best person for this job.

And again, this has ruined through exactly what Sam Wilson has had to do in the comics, what he’s had to do every single time that he’s mentioned as the guy with wings. And now he’s put into a position where he’s Captain America, everybody doubts him and suddenly he’s got to take on the leader whose ultimate power lies in his ambition and his ability to outsmart you.

What issue did Sam Wilson become Captain America

And that is truly something that is frightening. Comparing the previous villains that Captain America has had to face and that this new Captain America has to face, because let’s be real, they said, hey, this new one is going to be a thriller. It’s something different than what we’ve done before.

So it kind of starts to make sense in terms of how Cap is going to be underpowered and outclassed.

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