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What is Will Smith’s Top 10 highest rated movie?

What is Will Smith’s Top 10 highest rated movie?If you like Will Smith, you should definitely watch our picks for his best movies

10.Ali  2001

ali, 2001. Ali is a 2001 biographical sports drama film written and directed by Michael Mann and stars Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, and John Voight. We follow the controversial and iconic story of heavyweight boxer Mohammed Ali along his journey of loneliness, conflict, and hate. Directed to be a punch in the face, we observe Ali’s life unfold through a variety of formative and deeply impactful events, like his refusal to fight in the Vietnam War or his infamous rise, fall, and come back as a boxer

09.bad Boys, 1995

bad Boys, 1995. Bad Boys is a 1995 action comedy film directed by Michael Bay and stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. After $100 million worth of heroin is stolen from the police basement, young cops Lowry and Burnett see their chance of a lifetime following the powerful drug lord that leaves behind a path of terror and death. Both are sent on an explosive trip against the armies of their enemies while managing to maintain their strong friendship.

What is Will Smith's Top 10 highest rated movie?

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08.Independence Day.

independence day is a 1996 epic science fiction disaster film directed by roland emmerich and stars will Smith, Bill pullman, Jeff Goldblum and Mary McDonald. The otherworldly fight against a strange and indestructible intergalactic enemy is a chilling ride through the heart of true patriotism and one of the biggest and most jawdropping actionpacked journeys you will ever see. Revolutionary and truly iconic, this sarcastic but at the same time deadly serious attempts to survive in an apocalyptic alien invasion is full of surprises.

07. Concussion 2015

Number Seven Concussion 2015. Concussion is a 2015 biographical sports drama film directed and written by Peter Landisman and stars Will Smith, Alec Baldwin and Gutmbatha Raw. Based on the true story of a doctor who discovers a dangerous disease in the brains of American footballers. He must bring out the truth to the whole world, fighting against a dangerous and unfair system of policies, trying to cover it all up. What lies ahead are dramatic and horrific scenarios no one could have imagined.

06.irobot 2004

irobot 2004.Irobot is a 2004 science fiction action film directed by Alex
ProYes and stars Will Smith, Bridget Moynihan, Bruce Greenwood and James Cromwell. Set in the year 2035, the world has become friendly with robots that manage human daily life and make it more comfortable for all of us. Only police detective Spooner has a great mistrust towards the soulless machines. The suicide of the machine’s creator, leaving behind mysterious breadcrumbs leads Spooner on a scavenger hunt of death and destruction. But the truth is yet to be explored.

05.i am Legend 2007

i am legend 2007 . Legend is a 2007 postapocalyptic action thriller film directed by Francis Lawrence and stars Will Smith. Following the loaner, Robert Neville, who is the only remaining survivor after a deadly virus decimated humanity, he finds out he’s immune to it for unknown reason while trying to create a cure of his own blood. Survival is his biggest challenge because he is not the only one craving around in the left streets

04.enemy of the State

enemy of the State. Enemy of the State is a 1998 action thriller film directed by Tony Scott and stars Will Smith and Gene Hackman. One small coincidence leads to another, causing an unstoppable domino effect that will send lawyer Robert Dean on a dangerous path, making him the most wanted man in the US. After unknowingly being handed proofs for a nationwide conspiracy in politics, dean finds himself hunted by a variety of mysterious parties.

What is Will Smith's Top 10 highest rated movie?

03.men in Black

men in Black Men in Black is a 97 science fiction action comedy film directed by Barry Seanenfeld and stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Jay, an arrogant but young and enthusiastic police officer, accidentally discovers a world full of strange and otherworldly creatures. Recruited into a secret agency dealing with the newest technology in a world full of aliens, jay must get along with his older partner to protect the world from an evil space monster trying to wipe out life on Earth.

02 sevan pounds 2008

Number two. £7 2008 stay focused. £7 of the 2008 drama film directed by Gabriel Muccino and stars Will Smith, Rosario Dawson, Michael E. Lee, Barry Pepper and Woody Harrelson. Haunted by a secret, Ben Thomas seeks for redemption by radically changing the lives of seven people he does not know. Once his plan is set, nothing can stop him. At least that’s what he thinks. But Ben hadn’t planned on falling in love with one of these people. Will she eventually turn him?

01.Pursuit of Happiness, 2006

one the Pursuit of Happiness, 2006. The Pursuit of Happiness is a 2006 autobiographical drama film directed by Gabriel Moccino and stars Will Smith, Tandy Newton and Jaden Smith. The movie is based on an entrepreneur, chris Gardner’s nearly one year struggle being homeless. In 1981 in San Francisco, he invested the family savings in bone density scanners, but struggles to sell the products. Forced to live out on the streets with his son, gardner continues to sell the scanners while concurrently taking on an unpaid internship as a stockbroker with slim chances for advancement to a paid position

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