What is the story of Daredevil: Born Again

What is the story of Daredevil: Born Again

Marvel’s Echo is going to be doing some major setups in regard to what happens with the Kingpin, played by Vincent Dinafrio. And recently, Dinafrio himself talked a little bit about what comes next, his relationship with Maya, and also how this is all building up the Disney plus side of things that all connect to Daredevil Born Again.


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So for some reason, you did not watch Hawkeye. It’s pretty self-explanatory if you just watch the scene, but if you for some reason hate the show, didn’t want to watch it or whatever, by the end of it, Maya, aka Echo, ends up shooting her quote-unquote father, the man that’s raised her to be this evil hit woman. 

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Essentially, she shoots him in the eyes and he’s well, dead. We know he’s not. Obviously, they didn’t show the body, and then they confirmed that D 23 and so forth, that he’s very much alive, he’s been blinded, and he’s going to have a hugely important role in the upcoming Echo series. 

Talking about that, Vincent Dinofrio said that everything they’re doing in Echo will build off of what’s been done before with Kingpin. On top of playing with elements that tie into Maya’s personal life and where the actor is taking Kingpin next, 

he specifically said that now, playing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it gives you more opportunities to tell different stories with different characters and different histories and how it all connects. 

And he describes the journey of Kingpin into Daredevil Born Again as a big character arc that by the time we get to Born Again, that we’re going to see a different style of Kingpin that we haven’t seen before. And it’s somebody that’s different and formidable in a more dangerous way, differently.

Charlie Cox

 Now, again, we don’t know what they’re teasing, but he did say that it’s crazy for him to see what exactly is going on here and the ideas that they have and going off of what Charlie Cox said before, where he can’t wait to suit up and fight Kingpin and also see where the journey in the MCU has taken both characters.

 If you combine this with the rumor that Kingpin would be running for mayor of New York and that he could possibly have a major hand in the political structure of the entire New York landscape, this might just be what, exactly? They’re teasing and that there’s an important victim story that plays out during the course of Echo. Because that’s

kind of what I’m getting here. He says it’s a different Kingpin. It’s somebody that claims he’s learned from his mistakes. But has he really? I think to me that’s an indication of what we’re going to be going into here.

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 And it’s honestly very exciting, in my opinion, to see how the character is going to go from Hawkeye being this character in the back to suddenly being out in the open again, to now kind of rehabilitating himself and using sympathy and then possibly running for mayor when all this has happened. 

And let’s not kid ourselves. People are going to say, but he’s a crooked politician. Look at all the terrible things he said and did. How can he get to such a place of power? Really talking about Wilson’s Bisque here and the real world happens all the time.


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