What did Justin Hammer do in Iron Man 2

What did Justin Hammer do in Iron Man 2

What did Justin Hammer do in Iron Man 2

While the Marvel Studios Thunderbolt team continues to underwhelm, some people have hopes of, well, characters we would actually like to see. That’s a good way to put it. So let’s talk about Justin Hammer, who’s been rumored to be appearing in the Thunderbolts, but unfortunately isn’t officially on the team yet.

What did Justin Hammer do in Iron Man 2

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Recently, the outlet, the playlist, had an interview with Sam Rockwell, who played Justin Hammer in Iron Man Two, and the one shot that revealed the true intentions of the Mandarin.

 Now, of course, you’re not going to interview somebody that’s been in the MCU without asking about a potential return.

 And the rumors of Justin Hammer returning in the Thunderbolts armor wars or somewhere was brought up. And he talked a little bit about this idea, saying that he doesn’t even know what the Thunderbolts are.

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He actually thought that Thunderbolt was a war machine because, again, he’s not a fan, right? He’s an actor. We’ve covered this. 

You don’t have to be a giant fan of everything you’re in. Some actors don’t even watch or read anything that they’re supposed to be in. That’s just how they handle it. So then they go on and they clarify with him that Thunderbolts is a villain team-up movie.

And he says, oh, that’s cool. Yeah, that sounds cool. What villains would be in that? So he’s kind of asking more questions because he’s just learning about it,

What did Justin Hammer do in Iron Man 2

and he kind of lands on the idea of, hey, so it’s kind of like, I would be Lex Luthor, right? That kind of is the idea. And naturally, yeah, I think that’s honestly a good way that he kind of landed on.

What exactly would Justin Hammer be doing? Alex Luther’s type of role would probably be smart. I mean, why can’t we get a reveal of something like, hey, Justin Hammer was out of prison when the decimation happened, and he actually started to build up a good reputation and actually got some armor that was working? 

Maybe there were scrapped Iron Man armors that he was able to get up to speed and they started using them. And now, you know, he’s kind of rehabilitated his name and he’s joined the Thunderbolts.

I think that would be kind of cool. Again, I just really want this team to have less super soldiers. So adding in someone like Justin Hammer, the Harkins all the way back to Iron Man Two would honestly, in my opinion, be really good.

Why not bring him back and be like, hey, remember when Tony said he wanted an armor around the world? Guess who did it? Justin Hammer. Just almost too closely because they might fall apart.


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