Wesley Snipes says character doesn’t need to be R-rated to work

Wesley Snipes says the character doesn’t need to be R-rated to work

Do you guys remember Wesley Snipes as Blade? Of course, you do. It was the first Marvel movie to actually make Marvel semi-relevant and save them from bankruptcy. 

Wesley Snipes says character doesn't need to be R-rated to work

So let’s hear from Blade himself, Wesley Snipes, who says Blade doesn’t need to be Rated and take a guess as to what the fans are telling him. What the fans are telling Blade.

 Take a guess. Take a guess. Oh, you’re probably right. If you said no, he’s wrong. Because that’s what they’re saying. That’s what they’re saying to Blade himself. Amazing.

There’s been a lot of arguments among comic book fans back and forth between the use of Rated characters, 

R-rated properties, and how everything needs to be Rated to be adult, allegedly, or whatever. Either way, though, recently Wesley Snipes was doing interviews and he was asked about the R-rated approach of Blade and if he believes that Marvel Studios can pull off Blade in a PG-13 manner.

 And he stated that he believes that Blade can be done in PG 13 and does not, in fact, need to be an R-rated film. And he says that it’s due to the fact that it’s the type of story that you tell that has a wide range of things, situations, and dialogue that make it necessary to either do an R rating or not. 

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And he says he doesn’t really see why people say that it needs to be R rated because there are plenty of stories that don’t, and you can still show plenty of violence. Now, obviously, he doesn’t go into all that detail, but let’s look at it this way. Vampires, you can literally make them explode or go

to ash and such, and that doesn’t warrant an R rating. You can literally do as much of that as you want. Just like Age of Ultron, for example, with all the Ultron bots being destroyed. There’s no blood. It’s not grotesque.

 They’re robots, so you can do whatever. They can literally do that with Blade. Blade also has blood in it. You can do that on PG 13. It just doesn’t show a bunch of guts and blood all over the place spilling out of everything. 

Wesley Snipes says character doesn't need to be R-rated to work

That would get you an R rating. But Dr. Strange and Multiverse Madness recently showed us we can have blood. You can. It just doesn’t have to be insanely over the top of the most grotesque thing that makes you turn away. 

I think that’s what some people confuse with R ratings. And then, oh, you’re limiting us by not making an R? Not really. 

You can still tell a good Deadpool or a Blade or a Moon Night Story or even Daredevil without going Rated, and they’ve literally done that in the last decade. I agree

with him. As long as you’ve got a good story and you handle the source material well, you can push the boundaries, not do an R-rated product and still show that it can work. So I agree with him, people being mad at him. This is coming from Blade himself, the old Blade. So if Blade says it, I mean, I’m pretty sure he’s a better expert than people on the Internet to talk about it. Just my two cents on that one.


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