You can tell that Marvel Studio CEO Kevin Feige is getting fed up 


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28 Dec 2022


we just had a few shows that introduced more mutants and revealed mutants 

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Aka sheehawk and Miss Marvel. And then he says that for now, this is what we can expect 


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and that there's more to come. And he can't comment more about the X Men because it's just not the time and place. 


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There's other things in motion, but just keep a watch on what's happening with the mutants. And then we'll 


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get to the X Men. So, Honestly, look, I know People want The X Men to just show up, but they need to be established 


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and they clearly have an idea. If they were to just drop an X Men film two Years from now, 


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and suddenly, here's Professor X and all these Characters.  Some People Would then say


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well, you didn't build them up. Why are they just here? Where were they?  You know how people used to do during 


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phase one and two when the characters didn't show up in each other's projects?  


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