The FED Just Broke The Market

By GoldenBihar

Federal Reserve's best attempt to bring down prices, as of yesterday,

inflation came in at a whopping 8.2%, which was significantly higher than expected and a sign that things might continue getting worse

with another substantial rate hike plans less than three weeks away. However, what's even more concerning isn't that housing sentiment is already near an alltime low

People are now earning cash at the highest level in ten years, and Pizza Hut is about to sell an Italian taco to rival Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza.

But instead the fact that inflation is still not going away with the reality that an even stronger dollar could trigger the next crisis.

So let's talk about exactly what this means. Why these numbers continue to get worse.

How this is about to impact your investments. And then finally. What you could do about this to make money on this episode of we are totally although

Before we start. If you appreciate all the research that goe iAnd as a thank you for doing that, here's a picture of the cutest nail that I could find on Google.