a nondescript female that fits the role for either one of those characters if you were to just 

Mahender | 15 May 2023

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basically describe them. So I see it here and just by looking at a couple of clips of her and other projects yeah, 

she seems very talented. And as we're getting closer to some sort of official announcement,  I will not be surprised if we start 

to hear more names and her alongside them because according to reports, she's very high on that list and they  

Madelyn Cline Talk 

want to lock her in before she explodes in popularity again.  Seeing a couple of her clips, she seems really good. So I could see how maybe five, six years from now 

she could be on that level of a top-tier actor and now out of their price range. So trying to lock her in would be a smart get 

And with us every day getting closer and closer to the final casting and the announcement or the inevitable leak, 

I'm going to guess that this name is out there because it is somebody that's being talked to and her people are looking at the script