Ahead of the release of Spiderman across the Spiderverse

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Mahender |15 May

And he says, we're going to jump into that world and we're just going to see what's happening there and how things play out 

Now this is really interesting because if you really look back on the Lego surgeon's popularity, especially with that Lego movie 

I mean, the guys behind Spiderverse are responsible So it's a nice way to tie things around. And ever since WB, well 

they didn't necessarily lose the entire Lego license because they didn't own the entire Lego license, but the films underperformed and then 

the Lego brand kind of did their own thing. I think we could get used to honestly seeing more things like this 

And I think it's kind of cool that we're going to see it in this and just see what these characters are doing in that universe 

And who knows who could be voicing Lego, Peter Parker, or Miles Morales? And what even that world is going to really look like.