Madelyn Cline Talk About play Lois Lane or Lana Lang in Superman

Mahender | 15 May 2023

All Image credit-madelyncline

It's a bird, it's a plane. It might be the casting of Lois Lane or Wana Lang. Okay.  The opening only rhymed with one of those, 

but I tried my best. Madeline Klein is the name that we're talking about today. In case you're not familiar with the name 

here's a picture of her in Stranger Things. You might remember her.  The one that's popped up recently is Superman's legacy

Madelyn Cline Talk 

According to some rumors and reports out there, she is top contender to either play Lois Lane, aka  the girlfriend 

the future wife of Superman, or play the love interest in Smallville, who would be Lana Lang.  Okay, so I'll just say it right off the bat. Outside of Stranger Things 

I don't think I've seen her anywhere. And in Stranger Things, if I'm remembering correctly, she did her job well, 

so I could see exactly why you would want her. Also, just by looking at her, you could see Ilana Langlowis.