Kevin Feige Addresses X-Men in Phase 5 and Phase 6


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28 Dec 2022


You can tell that Marvel Studio CEO Kevin Feige is getting fed up 

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with questions in relation to the xmen and mutants in the MCU. So now he started to leave a few breadcrumbs 


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If we just follow them, we might have an answer soon. So let's talk about one of these 


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breadcrumbs that teases more mutants and xmen down the road. So this comes at us as part of a Q and A that Kevin Feige 


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did with the cast of Ant Man and the Wasp quantum mania. And obviously they were talking about  


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the bigger implications with Kang that have to do with the future of the MCU and well, mutants and X Men are brought up.  


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And Kevin Feige first says that he's sorry he can't respond to this because he missed the question 


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It's a little too loud. And then when they ask him again, he says, look, we can't directly talk about that just yet, 


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but there's more to come. And if you look at what we've just done, you already have a new mutant with Namor,