Five of Sony’s Spider-Man movies are coming to Disney+

Date:  22 Apr 2023


Author: Mahender

Time: 8AM

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the streaming service. Now, this is important. And if you guys remember all those years back, I made a video  


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talking about how this was going to happen. A lot of people didn't believe me. And I was saying, guy


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I've looked at some of the things that are being said. I looked at some of the things that I've been told by my sources. 


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Disney wants this. This is what they want. Anything Marvel in one place. So this is finally becoming a reality. 


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Now, of course, there are going to be cases where some of these films are probably removed at some point in  


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the next couple of years because of old deals because sometimes these distribution deals are signed and they're for like 15 years 


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I mean, it just happens, which is why you still have Disney films on HBO, for example, and vice versa 


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But this is how you diversify your portfolio. And it makes sense that Marvel is especially after a thing like this in regard to


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getting everything Marvel under one umbrella, because we see what the goal is here.  When you think of Marvel,