First Look at Prowler Costume in Spiderverse Film: A Cosplay Marvel

All Image Credit- Google/search 

Mahender | 07 Jun 2023

Sony's very own costume designer for Spiderman and the one responsible for giving us Donald Glover as the prowler in costume in Spiderverse 

has gone ahead and given us our official first look at the full costume that was used in the film. 

All Image Credit- Google/search 

So this was posted over on Instagram by Tracy Gigi Field. And first and foremost, she posted the image we saw from the film 

which featured Donald Glover as the power and Miles looking at him and talking to him.

All Image Credit- Google/search 

And then she followed this up with an image of him fully suited up with her right there with him. So obviously, it's our best look yet at the suit 

And what is there to say about it outside of it looks like a cosplay suit?  And I'm not saying that as a bad thing because a lot of times if you really think about it

how would these villains be able to put these suits together? Right? At some point they're going to have to look like somewhat