First Avatar 3 plot details are revealed

Date-3 jan 2023

By Mahender


With Avatar Two. Clearly a big hit

We are already starting to learn details in regards to the plot of Avatar Three. This specifically comes at us from a brandnew interview 


with James Cameron conducted by a French news outlet and he reveals that the third film will be about the fire natives and the fire Navi.


So again, this interview had to be obviously translated from a French outlet. But the whole 


core essence of what he talks about is hyping up the future of Avatar and what happens next. 


And of course the story that happens in the second film, which obviously puts a lot of pressure on the Navy 


and of course they're definitely teasing the return of the humans to try to conquer again Pandora and try 


to take all the resources and of course the brand new resource . And what's this going to do to the family since 


they're probably going to be on the run? Well, this is where Cameron confirms that the essence of the third film 


will be the Navy that we follow, specifically Jake and the family and them going to explore other different