we are now seeing tons of interviews and info coming at us directly from the film's producers, actors, 

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Mahender |15 May

and everybody in between that worked on the film. The latest comes at us from Jake Johnson,  who confirms that we're going to be seeing Lego World in the Spiderverse. 

You. On a side note, isn't it kind of crazy how the Lego video games brand went from releasing multiple games per year, 

tons of them, based on these big properties, to barely squeezing out a Star Wars game and one new Lego game so infrequently 

it's like they don't even try anymore? Those were the good old days when we had like, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, 

Star Wars, the Marvel Pirates, and countless others.We should get back to that. Hey, maybe this will help. Maybe this can lead to a Lego Spider Man game 

But yeah, that's it. We're going to be seeing the Lego Universe for a bit. And this came directly from Jake Johnson, 

who was just kind of talking about the ideas of the bigger multiverse there and where we could be seeing these characters show up.