WB Discovery CEO Insults Snyder

WB Discovery CEO Insults Snyder

WB discovery CEO David zazlav decided to, for lack of a better term, set everything on fire in relation to superman when he told investors that there hasn’t been a live-action superman on film in over 13 years.

WB Discovery CEO Insults Snyder

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And the Internet absolutely exploded into toxicity.So, again, during WB’s, recent investors call, David zaslav, told them that going forward, superman would be one of the key franchises and pillars.

And when asked about why, his reply was, and I quote, we haven’t had a superman movie in 13 years, end quote. Now, I’m not the smartest dude around, but man of steel came out in 2013.

We are in 2022. So it came out nine years ago. My first thought was, well, maybe he’s referencing superman returns, right? Well, he can’t be, because that was 2006. So the math doesn’t add up.

What’s he talking about? Justice league mortal. Like, what is he talking about? Chances are it’s the thing I’ve been saying about zazlav for months now, and that’s that he doesn’t know

what he’s talking about, and he’s just a man out there doing the PR thing, and he’s not really like most people invested in this. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about because you don’t make a mistake like that, right?. He even screwed up how long

they haven’t had a Harry potter movie in I mean, it just doesn’t make sense. But some people believe and the Internet, of course, it did take this personally, like it was an insult and a comment in regards to Zack Snyder because

he didn’t make a superman film all the time. Henry Cavill played superman and batman v superman. Literally, the title’s in it right there. Batman vs. Superman. That’s a superman movie.

Justice league man of steel is a superman movie. They feel like he insulted him honestly. No, no, he didn’t. The dude clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Look, we are fortunate that marvel studios has Kevin Feige and people like bob chapter and before him,

Bob Iger, who were fans of marvel, who are fans of marvel and legitimately know what the brands are, and they can rattle to you the exact panel that they pulled into a movie from a comic. Zazov is not that type of man. We’ve got a sense that when he talks about DC. All he sees is profit margins and numbers.

WB Discovery CEO Insults Snyder

Andhe couldn’t tell you who Bruce Wayne’s parents were. He can’t tell you where krypton is or what its neighboring planet is.

He doesn’t even know who Supergirl is. He probably thinks that she’s somehow like, the daughter of superman or something.

Okay. He doesn’t know. You get the sense of that the moment he’s interviewed. It’s like a deer in headlights when you ask him a question about these properties. He didn’t insult Snyder. He insulted everybody that’s a fan of DC. Because he doesn’t care. He’s the numbers guy. He’s the man in charge of everything. And he’s not a fan of everything. And that’s the big problem here. This wasn’t a Zack Snyder insult. It’s more insult to every DC fan out there because he doesn’t really know, and that’s unfortunate.

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