Vision Spinoff Series in Disney+ Series is in Development

Vision Spinoff Series in Disney+ Series is in Development

Vision Spinoff Series in Disney+ Series is in Development 

Well, guys, we got some big breaking news in regards to Disney Plus and the expansion of the MCU. A vision-centric show is in development for Disney Plus by Marvel Studios. And we even got some rumors that accompany what it could be about.

Vision Spinoff Series in Disney+ Series is in Development

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So the last time we saw Vision, he pooched on out of Westview, and that was it. He literally just kind of disappeared, and he’s never been mentioned again by anybody. Where did he go? 

What happened to his mind? Where exactly did he report to? Who’s he talking to? Is he still in contact with any Avengers? We don’t know, but it looks like we could be finding out at some point down the road. 

And it’s been reported by multiple people now that there is, in fact, a writer’s room that’s working on concepts and trying to come up with ideas for a Vision-centric show. Now,

 allegedly, some news hit after this that this series could essentially be a kick-off to what would be the West Coast Avengers, which would see Vision obviously on the West Coast dealing with his story, 

dealing with whatever he’s dealing with and whatever other outside forces are trying to influence him because obviously he’s a little lost and he’s trying to find himself. And at the same time, you could see how maybe they could

Is vision on Disney Plus?

try to connect this to the upcoming Wonderland series and maybe play off of that. So I think in due time, we will obviously find out way more on this because it’s still very early on

 unless it’s one of those things that ends up getting one of those big pushes where the idea is so good they can fast track it

Vision Spinoff Series in Disney+ Series is in Development

. I don’t think we’re going to be hearing about this for quite a bit of time, especially since they already revealed so many projects that they’re developing. And by all accounts, they’re not going to be revealing officially more projects until at least a year and a half from now. 

So this thing has some time to gestate and reevaluate and for them to really look at it and figure out what it needs to be and what it should be. And again, we know that Jack Shepherd, 

who was part of Wanda Vision, and that was really their big start, was hired for an overall deal. And this sounds like it’s one of the series that they’re going to be involved with. So hopefully things end up falling into place

because I think it’s a real shame that Vision is out there, but nobody’s talking about him. It’s like, literally, they want to forget about him. Now. Again, I know his power levels kind of has to be like this. I mean, in the comics, 

they end up writing him and like Silver Surfer and Nova out of things because they’re like, what can you do? If they show up, it’s victory automatically. So I kind of get it. But let’s come up with something interesting here. Guys,

let’s do something cool with Vision that delivers justice to the character. So what is your guys hopes for the Vision series and what do you expect it’s going to be? Ultimately, I just hope it’s not a comedy. I’ll be right with you. I really don’t want Vision to be in a comedy.


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