Uncovering the Flaw: A Review of the "Good" POCO Phone

Uncovering the Flaw: A Review of the Good POCO Phone

Uncovering the Flaw: A Review of the Good POCO Phone

This is the brand new Poco X Five Pro. And when I was using his phone, I found it to be pretty good. But there’s one big deal breaker. Actually, there’s two deal breakers. 

One is going to affect you right away, and the other one is going to affect you in the long run. 

First, let’s check out the good side of this phone. Now, my favorite thing about the Poco X Five Pro is that this comes with Snapdragon 778 G. And if you follow that, you must notice XAMI launched a Redmi Note Twelve Pro Speed Edition in China, and that did not arrive in India. But this is actually it. 

The Poco X Five Pro is basically the Redmi Note Twelve Pro speed edition. Rebranded for India. And that’s not a bad thing. That means the Poco X Five Pro brings the Snapdragon 778 G chipset, which a lot of people like with its consistency and reliability, and also for the fact that it just makes sense at 22 23K, which is the rumored price for this phone. I say that because it’s scored higher than, say, the Dimension 10 89 20

chipsets, and it scores higher than the Snapdragon 695 that powers a lot of phones in the 1920K price segment, and also because every Snapdragon 778 G phone I’ve used in the past has had very solid performance and very good battery life. 

Uncovering the Flaw: A Review of the Good POCO Phone
Uncovering the Flaw: A Review of the Good POCO Phone
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The X Five Pro also feels very smooth to use, and gaming is also good in the couple of games that I tried. So I’m honestly not worried about the performance here. And it should be solid. So Snapdragon 778 G is one of the big reasons why I like this phone. And I also like the fact that Xiaomi has doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to other features. 

Feature Description
Display 6.67-inch IPS LCD, 2400 x 1080 resolution, 120Hz refresh rate
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 860
Storage 64GB/128GB UFS 3.1
Battery 5,160mAh with 33W fast charging
Rear Cameras 48MP main, 8MP ultra-wide, 2MP macro, 2MP depth
Front Camera 20MP
Operating System Android 11 with MIUI 12
Other Side-mounted fingerprint sensor, IP53 water-resistant, Hi-Res audio certification

For example, this Amerit panel in the Poco X five pro is very similar to the one you get in the red wine. Note twelve pro series. I mean, it’s ten bit, it’s 120 DCIP Three, and it has Dolby vision support, so it’s a high quality amateur panel. 

And I did notice that when I was using the phone. This is space smooth and touch response is good. It’s fairly bright for outdoor usage movies and shows look great on

this vibrant screen. Yeah, this looks good, right? Also, unlike a lot of phones, this does show the HDR and Dolby vision tag in Netflix. So this liquidity is good. Another thing to note here is that there’s no chain here.

 I mean, the bezels are symmetrical all around. 

I also like this whole design. It’s very boxy with flat sides. But we have this yellow variant which just has a lot of character. I mean, this is very Poco like, and I know it looks as objective, but this whole contrast between yellow and black, the yellow power button, the simulating effect on the back, I kind of dig it even though it’s all plastic. It was a really good in the hands too, because it only weighs one and 181 graphs. 

Now, if you’re wondering, the phone does have the headphone jack. It also has the IR blaster. The fingerprint scan is on the side in the parky, there’s dual studio speakers. It has Gorilla Glass five on the front. This whole design is IP 53 rated. Now, one thing missing is the Micro SD slot. That apart, the main camera is upgraded from the X Four Pro. 

There’s a 108 megapixel main camera along with the usual eight megapixel sensor and a two megapixel one. Now, I have mostly tested the 108 megapixel HM Two sensor and it does seem to take very good photos. I mean, daytime it’s very, very good with sharp photos and very good dynamic range. 

Uncovering the Flaw: A Review of the Good POCO Phone
Uncovering the Flaw: A Review of the Good POCO Phone

And I also like that it does not boost the colors or anything. In low light. It’s not always perfect when there’s a lot of lights, but on that it’s fairly good with good colors. There are almost no noise in shots.

 The phone also supports Pokey video recording, but it does not have OIS, unlike the Note Twelve Pro phones. The front camera is the usual 60-megapixel sensor that we see in a lot of phones. And it takes pretty good selfies. No problems there. And the battery is a 5000 mah battery and there’s very fast 67 watt charging.

 So, all in all, this is actually a very likable phone. But I know you have been waiting to hear the deal breakers, right?

So let’s get on with it. So, the first deal breaker is the fact that the Poco X Five Pro comes with seven 5G India bands. And there’s actually one Indian 5G band missing, the N 77 band, which actually is very important since it’s a high frequency band that will be used by all operators in metro cities. 

Now, this is actually strange because all the new phones that launch India right now have all the Indian 5G band. The second deal breaker is that this is the first phone with MIUI 14 in India. And when I saw the MIUI 14 logo first up, I was excited because I thought new features, new improvements. 

But that wasn’t to be. See, it is the new MIUI 14, but there’s actually nothing new. Yes, you get the Mui 14-watt papers, the new icons and settings, but that’s all. Everything else is same old, same old, same blow over apps, same glass lock screen. Yeah, I mean, you should check out a video Mu I 14 to know all about the new features, but the problem is none of those new features are part of this Mi 14 build on the Poco Xi Pro. But MIUI 14 is not the real problem.

 The real problem, the real deal breaker is the fact that this is based on Android Twelve and it will get two OS updates. So it’ll practically go to Android 14. Whole beta is probably coming next month. Yeah, that’s not very good. Look, all said and done, the Poco X Five Pro is a phone I actually kind of like. I mean, I love this design. If you’re making a plastic phone, at least add character to it, just like this. 

I think Specs will also add for the prices Rumor to be launching at, which is around 20 to 20 Rs0. The problem, however, are the deal breakers and or twelve only two OS updates and a missing 5G Ban in 2003 is not cool. Both of these deal breakers are something that will affect the users in the long run. 

So that’s something Poco should really address.

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