Top 4 Tips you make an easy Inktober

Top 4 Tips you make an easy Inktober

Top 4 Tips you make an easy Inktober

I wake up every day in the morning, brush my teeth, make my bed, drink a little water right after making my bed, then grab my phone, and my Fitband, go to the other room to meditate for at least three breaths.

Top 4 Tips you make an easy Inktober

That’s my morning routine. And I’ve been doing something similar to this for the past two or three years. But why? Why routines?

1.routines keep me sane. helps me during uncertain times.

But I’m trying to have some sort of control over my life and not brought in help. 

An even the cool thing is, routines often help me automate certain behaviors. That helps me reach my goals. So how do you make one?,

3. decide what you want. 

Do you want a daily routine? A weekly or monthly or yearly routine? The daily routine is something that you do on a daily basis or a set number of days in a week.

 Say I’m going to draw every day for five days of the week or create a drawing every day. A weekly routine would be something like I’m going to practice my craft for 2 hours every Saturday morning. 

And a monthly and a yearly routine would be something like I’m going to draw for at least six minutes a day for 100 days. I’ve been doing this exact routine for the past three years, May 1 to August 8. 

Every day for 100 days every year. A draw for six minutes or more. That is my daily sketch yearly routine. The thing is, you got

to decide what works for you and what fits your temperament and make it sustainable. And that is the second point. 

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4.Pick a sustainable routine that you can stick to realistically.

The reason why I pick six minutes is that it helps me start. 

I do more than six minutes, obviously on most days. But on some days when I’m feeling tired or filled with other work or have other obligations, I just show up, do my six minutes, and just call it off, right? It helps me stay consistent, which is very, very important.

Top 4 Tips you make an easy Inktober

 If I had learned anything in the past few years, it’s this a suboptimal plan that you can follow consistently is way better than an optimal plan which will drop in like two weeks.

 So once you figure all of this crap out, you got to schedule it. Pick a time of day that works for you and schedule your routine. 

This is the place where you install your thing. And if you install the particular routine that is sustainable for you, that works for you, that fits your temperament, in the right time

of day, it will work. So yeah, that’s how you create an art routine or that’s how I’ve done it. And also, at the end of the day, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do it. That’s not a point, points or perfection.

 Aim for like scoring points or trying to get a streak or trying to be perfect with your routine. It’s not a point. The more you do it, the better.


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