This Young Beautiful Model Married An Old Rich Tycoon

This Young Beautiful Model Married An Old Rich Tycoon

This Young Beautiful Model Married An Old Rich Tycoon

This wedding took place almost 30 years ago. The bride was 26 and the groom 89. She was a beautiful model and he was a rich tycoon. It was perhaps one of the most unequal marriages ever. It looked like some kind of joke. A stunning Playboy blonde and an old man in a wheelchair. 

However, they assured that they loved each other. How did this relationship end? And why was the fate of this girl so sad. This girl who married an old man was a real bombshell in the 90s, Anna Nicole Smith. 

Anna Nicole Smith became famous as a Playboy model. Shows appeared in advertisements. Billboards with photos of this chic blonde were everywhere in those years. Sometimes drivers who stared at these pictures got into an accident. Really, this dazzling girl couldn’t find a husband younger. 

The first thing that comes to mind is that she got married for money. But don’t judge her until you know her whole story. Anna Nicole Smith, before her fame and popularity, was an ordinary girl from Texas. Moreover, she was born in a very dysfunctional family. 

This Young Beautiful Model Married An Old Rich Tycoon
This Young Beautiful Model Married An Old Rich Tycoon
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Her mother gave birth to her at the age of 16, and her father soon abandoned them. At birth, the girl was named Vikaline Hogan. She grew up in a small town where there were no prospects. But the worst thing is that her stepfather and stepbrother physically abused her. Therefore, the young girl never knew what true love and respect is. However, since childhood, Vicilin dreamed of escaping poverty into a glamorous world.

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She adored all the movies with Marilyn Monroe and wanted to become like her. Someday, unfortunately, she will be able to repeat the fate of this actress, including tragic fragments from her biography. Rickylene had to grow up early.

Name Anna Nicole Smith
Full Name Vickie Lynn Marshall (born Vickie Lynn Hogan)
Born November 28, 1967
Place of Birth Houston, Texas, United States
Died February 8, 2007 (age 39)
Place of Death Hollywood, Florida, United States
Occupation Model, actress, television personality
Spouse(s) Billy Wayne Smith (m. 1985–1993), J. Howard Marshall II (m. 1994–1995)
Children Daniel Wayne Smith (1986–2006), Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead (born 2006)


At 17, she was kicked out of high school, and soon she became pregnant and married. Her first husband was a young guy who wasn’t at all ready to become a father. So the relationship soon ended. Vicilian became a single mother. She had no education, no money, no help. To make ends meet, she had to get a job at a fast food restaurant.

 However, the money the waitress was paid was too little. So she decided to move to Houston and get a job as a stripper in a nightclub. Of course, this wasn’t at all the life she dreamed of. However, she earned more and even began to save money for plastic surgery to enlarge her breasts. Vickeline was very naive and still dreamed of becoming like her idol, Marilyn Monroe. She also

wanted to meet a good man. But the men’s club was definitely not the right place for that. Visitors saw her as just a beautiful toy and nothing more. But Wikileen was used to that kind of treatment. It’s incredible.

 But one day, a man came to the nightclub where Wikileen worked, who sincerely wanted to help her. However, he wasn’t the guy of her dreams. It was an 80-year-old man in a wheelchair.

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 He noticed the young blonde and began to visit this place regularly to watch her dance. He was J. Hobert Marshall, a real billionaire with a huge fortune. An American businessman, academic and government official, was also known as an oil tycoon. 

He had a busy life, achieved tremendous success in his career, and was married twice. However, he had one weakness. Even in old age, he adored beautiful, frivolous women. J. Hobert Marshall, despite marriage, always had relationships with numerous mistresses to whom he gave generous gifts. Even in his 80s, he still felt like a great man. Therefore, he began

to court the young stripper. He gave her enough money to quit her nightclub job and start modeling. Would you say you loved him? I loved him very much. The girl was glad because no man had ever treated her with such care and love. All her life, men only used her as a commodity and abused her.

This Young Beautiful Model Married An Old Rich Tycoon 

And finally, there was someone who really wanted to make her happy. Thanks to this wealthy patron, she enlarged her breasts and became a model. She also changed her name to Anna Nicole Smith. Since then, her life has been completely different. J. Hovard Marshall gave her jewelry, cars and other extremely expensive things. A modest girl from Texas has become a super popular diva. 

I loved him for so much what he did for me and my son. The old businessman loved this blonde so much that he even proposed to her. She refused at first, but then agreed. After all, this man did so much for her. He completely changed her life. Therefore, she decided to thank him and brighten up the last days of his life. They got married in 1994.

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At that time, Hannah Nicole Smith was 26 years old and her fiance was 89. He was so sick that he could not stand on his feet. The groom was brought to the altar in a wheelchair. Many people condemned this marriage, as they suspected that the girl did this only for the money.

 But Anna always denied these accusations. She said that she really loved her husband with pure platonic love. Of course, they didn’t have a physical relationship because the man was too weak. There was no physical attraction at all, ever. Their marriage was short-lived. 

13 months after the wedding, the man passed away, which wasn’t surprising because he was 90 years old and seriously ill. Since then, the most dramatic episode in Anna’s life began. It turned out that her name wasn’t in his will. However, she decided to fight in court for his $1.6 billion inheritance. 

The girl said that during his lifetime, Marshall promised to give her half of his fortune. After his death, the businessman’s children disputed her statement. The litigation dragged on for several years. Anna Nicole Smith fought for a long time for her husband’s inheritance.

 But she never actually received any of her late husband’s fortune. Because of this, the press constantly mocked her. She stopped appearing in advertising due to the fact that she lost her beauty. Everyone associated her name only with scandals. 

Despite the media bullying, Smith dreamed of starting a new life. She fell in love again and became pregnant a second time. She had a long-awaited girl whom she wanted to give a better life, which she herself never had. However, a few days after the birth of the baby tragedy occurred in the family. Anna’s 20-year-old son suddenly died. She went mad with grief and began taking medication again. 

But just five months after giving birth, she also passed away due to her addiction. She was only 39 years old. During her lifetime, she lost her adult son and she never saw her daughter grow up. The money she received from the old billionaire never brought her happiness until the end of her life. 

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