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This Japanese Woman Looks Younger Than Her Age

This Japanese Woman Looks Younger Than Her Age

Look at this woman. How old do you think she is? Maybe 20 or 25? You will be shocked when you find out that she is 54 years old. 

Her name is Masako Mizutani and she’s from Japan. She is an ordinary housewife and beauty blogger. In this video, we will try to find out how she managed to stop time so that at 54 she looks 20.

This Japanese Woman Looks Younger Than Her Age

 What is her main secret? What does she eat and what procedures does she do? Let’s begin. Nobody wants to get old. Everyone dreams of being forever young. That is why humanity is always looking for the source of eternal youth. Nobody could stop time, but many people make desperate attempts to look younger. 

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Plastic surgery, diet, cosmetology, and only a few people succeed. Among them is a Japanese woman, Masako Komizoani. She was born in 1068 and today she is already 54 years old. But nobody would ever guess her age. Smooth skin

without wrinkles. Slim figure, thick hair. People who see her for the first time think that she is no more than 25 years old. But how shocked they are when they find out the truth. The most surprising thing is that Masako Mizutani is not a model or an actress at all, and not even the wife of a billionaire. 

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She is an ordinary housewife from Japan. She is also a beauty blogger and shares the secrets of her youth on Instagram. A few years ago, she wrote the book I’m 50, where she told how she takes care of her face and body. Massacre believes that most women can look much younger than their years if they follow her advice.

 Like many women in her youth, she didn’t think about caring for herself. And until the age of 20, she didn’t use cosmetics at all. At 21, she was invited to work in a modeling agency. Since then, the girl began to do simple procedures put on sunscreen, and use lipstick. At 23, she gave birth to her first child to get in shape. After that, she began to eat more vegetables,

This Japanese Woman Looks Younger Than Her Age

and fruits and to do fitness. At 26, she had a second child. Since then, she has even been eating more vegetables to stay slim. Masako Misunders began to take care of herself seriously at only 30 years old, and she achieved great results.

At 44, she looked at the same age as her eldest daughter. Therefore, she decided to take part in a beauty contest for women over 40. The woman shocked the jury with her youth. Her photos have been posted online.

 This is how Masako Mitani became famous in Japan and then in the whole world. Many women were interested in how she managed to look younger than her years. Masako couldn’t reply to everyone, so she decided to create a blog where she revealed all of her self-care methods.

One of her main recommendations is to drink more clean water. The woman is sure that it removes toxins from the body and helps to improve her metabolism. Masako always takes a small bottle of water with her, and she advises everyone to do the same.

 She also recommends taking a walk

in the fresh air every day. Every woman should walk at least 100 steps a day. Because physical activity is essential for health. Masako always puts on sunscreen before going for a walk. 

Ultraviolet is harmful to the skin and contributes to its rapid aging. The eternally young Japanese woman also tries to always wear long-brimmed hats on the street so that the rays of the sun do not damage her skin.

 Another of her recommendations is to always sleep well. Masako sleeps at least 7 hours a day. She usually goes to bed at 10:00 p.m. And wakes up at 05:00 a.m.. A stable schedule is good for health and appearance. 

Also, Masako Mjutani is regularly engaged in fitness. She does simple exercises for muscle tone and stretching. A woman doesn’t like heavy strength training in the gym, 

as she is afraid that it can lead to hormonal imbalance thanks to regular physical activity. Masako, at 54, has a slender figure like that of a young 20-year-old girl. Moreover, even young girls can envy her harmony.

Masako pays a lot of attention to food. She became a nutritionist, a specialist in healthy and balanced nutrition. 

This Japanese Woman Looks Younger Than Her Age

She is sure that nutrition is most important for beauty, youth and health. If you go to her Instagram, you will see a lot of food photos on her profile. 

So let’s see what this Japanese woman eats. If you think that she tortures herself with diets and eats only greens, then you are mistaken. Masako understands that the diet must be balanced.

 She has not only vegetables on her plate but also a lot of protein. Fish, meat, eggs, seafood. Protein is a building material for the body, which is why it is so necessary to eat it. She also eats enough carbs, rice, noodles, spaghetti, and even white bread. 

She knows that carbs are the source of energy for an active and happy life. A woman also consumes a sufficient amount of fat. Her diet includes avocados, eggs, yolks, and oils. It is necessary for female hormonal health. And of course, she eats a lot of vegetables and fruits.

Fiber is an important nutrient. As you can see, Masako has a balanced diet. Sometimes she even allows herself a small dessert. She knows how important it is to pamper yourself. Sometimes being hungry and angry is bad for your health to be full and satisfaction. That’s her choice.

 The main thing is to eat in moderation. And of course, she doesn’t smoke or drink at all. Masako also spends several hours every day on facials. She adds vitamin E to all her creams and masks, as it helps to saturate skin cells several times a day. 

This woman covers her face with whitening cream. She uses not only creams and lotions, but also a steam humidifier to moisturize her skin. In Asia, the trend is for women’s white skin and natural makeup.

 Therefore, Masako doesn’t apply bright colors to her face. She is sure that heavy makeup adds age to a woman and clogs up pores on her Instagram. She shows how to properly apply concealer and mascara. Masako also sleeves with patches under her eyes to avoid bags and dark circles. For

This Japanese Woman Looks Younger Than Her Age

smoothness of the skin, she regularly massages her face with a jade roller, the bone comb, and just with her fingers. She also massages her hands to make them look young too. 

This woman also takes a general body and an anti-cellulite massage. Masako wears special lenses that enlarge her eyes and make her look younger. The woman is sure that these procedures will help everyone look younger. 

But many people are skeptical of her advice. They believe that in fact, Masako uses the services of mutations and plastic surgeons. Some people suspect her of doing expensive cosmetic procedures. 

But Masako doesn’t like to get into these discussions because for youth, it is also important to always be in good mood and enjoy life, as I believe her main secret is good genetics. Many Asian women stay young for a long time.

 Another advantage over other women is that she has a lot of free time to do numerous self-care procedures. Few people can afford to do physical exercises, and massage their faces and bodies

This Japanese Woman Looks Younger Than Her Age

for so many hours every single day. But in general, Masako Mizutani is an inspiring example. She showed that everyone at any age can look great and proved that it is possible to stop time. Would you like to look as young as a Japanese woman over 50? 

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