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The Rock says Superman vs Black Adam In Not Happening

The Rock says Superman vs Black Adam In Not Happening

In a brand new interview following the release of Black Adam, the Rock says, superman vs. Black Adam is definitely not the next step in these characters’ journeys, 

and he does not, in fact, know when these characters will collide.  Going into the release of Black Adam the Rock could not wait. Literally could not wait to the point where in his first interview on the premiere carpet, 

The Rock says Superman vs Black Adam In Not Happening

he literally spoiled a post-credit scene and said, wait till you see it because the next step is Black Adam and Superman. 

They’re going to duke it out for supremacy. Who’s stronger? Black Adam because he’s got all the powers of Superman. They’re going to go toe to toe, just wait. Just wait, guys. 

The film literally ends, and the post-credits scene is like, AHA, we’re going to get that confrontation. Here it comes. And then after the release, in an interview with a comic book, The Rock reveals,

well, I don’t think the question is when the showdown is going to happen, because that’s not the next thing we’re doing. He then said he was not sure if that’s the way that they want to go with these characters.

It was like everything leading up to this film, you kept hyping up how the hierarchy is about to change and how Superman is going to jaw out to Black Adam. What in the world has changed that? Literally, after the opening weekend of the film, the conversation shifts to

 well, actually, we’re not gonna have these characters fight each other. That’s not the plan. That would have been like Marvel Studios teasing that Thanos is coming. And then suddenly they go, 

actually, Infinity war is just going to be Ultron again. Yeah, we’re not going to do anything with Thanos for now. We’re just going to save them. What? I mean, 

maybe now that Cavill is back and things are going in a different direction and maybe they’re looking at some of the critical reception, they’re going, well, do we want to throw Henry Cavill’s 

Superman into another just man of Steel style, third act, second act, beat down, where it’s just senseless action and the fans will turn on it again. Maybe they’re trying to avoid that,

so they’re going to shop around different ideas, which certainly I think might be beneficial. 

The Rock says Superman vs Black Adam In Not Happening

People want Cavill Superman to be Superman. I don’t think you can really be Superman if you’re just going to be in man of Steel 20, which again, 

the crowds turned against and so did many of the critics. So I think they got to kind of just assess the whole situation and figure out what’s next. So I guess we’ll find out what’s next whenever The Rock hypes up the next confrontation. If only there was somebody else for the Black Adam fight that’s sort of like Black Adam, but not quite that’s maybe a good version of Black Adam.

Maybe if that character could have his own franchise or a sequel coming or something? Yeah. Drawing a blank on if any characters like that exist. Not sure. Maybe somebody will figure it out.


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