Understanding the legal contract between Ezra Miller, WB, and DC

Understanding the legal contract between Ezra Miller, WB, and DC

Understanding the legal contract between Ezra Miller, WB, and DC

Something that’s been brought up multiple times by websites, by people making videos, and it all relates to the whole Ezra Miller situation is why doesn’t WB just fire them, get rid of them, announce somebody else in the role and cut your losses so you don’t look as bad. 

Supporting an actor who’s done all these horrendous things leading up to the release of the film. I’m going to quickly explain to you why that’s not possible and also why it’s illegal.

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Believe it or not, I’m about to tell you something that’s going to blow your mind. A lot of people making videos about finances and what goes on in Hollywood don’t actually know what’s going on there because they’ve never really talked to people or making stuff up or just don’t know the basics. You cannot fire an actor who’s currently going through treatment. 

Understanding the legal contract between Ezra Miller, WB, and DC

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That’s a giant no. It’s not allowed. You cannot do it. For example, when Ezra Miller agreed to get help and whatever they’re doing to get them help, hollywood does not let you fire that actor because of a bad habit. They have to show that they’re willing to commit to something and show signs of improvement. 

And when you check with whoever they’re speaking with, then you sort of have a basis of, okay, are they getting better or not? If they’re not, then once the product is out, whatever it is, you can fire them.

But if they show a good sign of recovery, if they show that they’re remorseful, if they’re recovering, and if they’re willing to do whatever you’re asking of them, you cannot fire them because it’s illegal, because they’re administering and going through the treatment that you requested. So it’s a giant no. The whole Actor’s Guild is very much against this. It can’t be allowed. 

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That’s literally one of their things. They can’t fire them because it’s literally illegal. Now, when the release of The Flash happens and the film is out for a couple of weeks, what can they do? Well, they can, in fact, fire them. They can fire Ezra even if they recovered fully, because it’s bad PR. If they keep them on and they relapse, sure something happens down the road so they could do it. 

I mean, they did it with the rock, right? Like what? Six weeks later, he was fired, removed. So that’s the thing here. You can’t just fire them now, but once the film is out, we’ll see what happens.



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