The Flash Removes all Scenes of Superman

The Flash Removes all Scenes of Superman

The Flash Removes all Scenes of Superman

 We previously heard that on the cutting room floor were all of Henry Cavill’s and Galgado’s scenes. And now multiple insiders have come out saying that this is true. They’ve been completely removed from the entire film.

So according to what we know, last summer the Flash was tested in front of some audiences, and it got a pretty good reception. And during that time, they went back and shot some more additional scenes over the course of a month that added more cameos.

At this time, Henry Cavill also shot his cameo for Black Adam, which, of course, ended up making it into the film. But some of the other things that were shot were Galgado having an important role in the third act of The Flash, reportedly, and also Henry Cavill having a pretty important role there at the end.

The Flash Removes all Scenes of Superman
The Flash Removes all Scenes of Superman
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Now, according to some brand new reports, the original one, I believe, came from Grace Randolph, but I could be wrong on that. It’s been collaborated by multiple people. Now, I’ve also heard from one specific person I trust in regards to this as well last night, that this is all true.

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They were, in fact, making some pretty substantial cuts to whatever the final version of the film is. And Henry Cavill as Superman and gals Wonder Woman have completely been cut. No mentions of them. There’s no scenes of theirs that are still in there.

It’s essentially went back to whatever the original cut of the film was prior to those cameos getting shot and inserted into whatever the film was like in around October, November.

Now, this honestly makes a lot of sense. They’re going in a different direction, a new Superman. The last thing you want is to feature the old Superman that you’ve gotten rid of and also Wonder Woman, who’s still not there as of right now.

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So it’s going to be very disappointing to a lot of people. But from a business standpoint and a decision-making standpoint, it does make a lot of sense. I’m a little bummed because from what we understand, Caval scenes were supposed to be pretty action-packed, and he was going to be like the Superman most people I’ve been waiting for. But I guess this is just how things go. So we’ll see if we get anything more from this soon, and I’ll keep you guys updated.

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