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The Flash Bad news on Trailer Release

The Flash Bad news on Trailer Release

If you were hoping to get a brand new trailer for the Flash by the end of the year, which was rumored, as many insiders were saying, it would definitely be attached to the upcoming Avatar sequel, we got some bad news for you.

The Flash Bad news on Trailer Release
The Flash Bad news on Trailer Release

 As it looks like the next trailer you can expect is more than likely. The trailer for Shazam Am Fury of the Gods and the trailer for Flash will come out in the first half of 2023, meaning that the obvious is obvious. The trailer will come out before the film.

OK, so most of you know how this goes. When you have a film coming out that’s a big blockbuster, studios like to attach their trailers to it. 

Naturally, this makes sense. Again, one of the biggest films of next year for WB Discovery, is the Flash. But again, before the Flash comes out, there’s a film called Shazam Fury of the Gods.

 We just recently got the official poster and it looks like the next thing we’re going to get is the official trailer. Again, not the teaser trailer we already got. We’re going to get the official trailer that’s going to be attached to all the big films coming out over the course of the next few months. 

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Ultimately, where does this leave the Flash? Well, if you just do basic math and as they’re stating, we’re not getting the Flash trailer this year, which again, makes sense. But there’s plenty of films to attach it to next year as you go Shazam in March. 

And then, of course, right ahead of that, you have Antman Quantum Mania, which again, is a good film to attach

a Flash tray or two. So it stands to be reasonably acceptable fact, I would say. No, it’s just fact. It’s fact. 

We’re not going to get a Flash trailer. Again, there’s still Esra Miller news that’s kind of muddying the waters this year. There’s all sorts of bad press in relation to WB and Discovery and they want goodwill, especially with James Gunn and Peter Saffron running the studio. 

The Flash Bad news on Trailer Release
The Flash Bad news on Trailer Release

And they need to now take notice of what’s coming next and hype up that project and not the one after it. Again, I know people are going to question how are you going to market something in only three to four months?

 But James Gunn has literally just come from that camp with Disney where that’s exactly what they do. They put the brunt of advertising literally in like the seven to eight weeks before the thing comes out. 

Anything longer than that, you’re honestly just kind of wasting money on advertising, right? Like, why are you doing it? Why are you going to advertise this film six months out? It doesn’t make

sense when there’s so much other stuff you got to advertise, including your own content. So this, to me, checks out. Don’t expect the Flash trailer this year. Expect it early next year.


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