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The director of Captain America 4 made a huge impact on the MCU

The director of Captain America 4 made a huge impact on the MCU

The director of Captain America for is teasing the huge and massive impact that the fourth entry in the franchise is going to have on the entire MCU. 

And some people are questioning what he means because Captain America apparently isn’t that important to the MCU. I’m starting to question whether any of you have actually processed what happens in phases one through three.

The director of Captain America 4 made a huge impact on the MCU

So this comes at us directly from Marvel who got to talk to Julius owner in regards to Captain America’s New World Order.

 And he specifically wanted to talk a little bit about the massive fallout that happens with Endgame and the huge story and implications of bringing back the leader to fight Captain America after everything that also happens in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. 

And he says that there’s going to be a lot here that happens in regards to not just Sam Wilson’s story but also the entire MCU as a whole and how this is going to set up major things going forward. 

I’ve seen a lot of people sharing the quotes and articles saying that it doesn’t make sense cause why would Captain America have everything centered around him, especially in his films? 

Which made me realize that most of the people are completely stupid and idiots because literally the first Avenger opens up with New asgard the same exact town being Sieged and they see the tree and the Red Skull is literally looking

for the Tesseract and then he ends up being zapped into space by the end of it.

 But the Tesseract carries the actual storyline from Captain America into Avengers and then the downfall of Shield. And then everything else is literally Captain America centric and he’s our eyes through the Avengers and everything happening. 

Captain America will again be the same thing. You have to find a ground level and your cornerstone and your centerpiece. 

What they’re saying is it never left Captain America. It’s just a different character. So this all checks out and the fact that he’s teasing huge ramifications of everything that happens in Captain America new World Order is important because believe it or not, the film is called New World Order and it features the leader. 

The director of Captain America 4 made a huge impact on the MCU

I think you can probably start to connect a couple of dots in regards to what this means and what they’re setting up, especially what New World Order also means in terms of what we just saw and everything in the MCU and all sorts of

superpowered people and things going on. There’s obviously going to be a new world order. 

Wouldn’t it be funny if that New World Order literally leads to all, I don’t know, makeshift Avengers called Thunderbolts after the director of Captain America already said that the Avengers don’t exist and Marvel Studios Kevin Feige said the same thing.

 It’s almost like the New World Order is going to have to be put down by Captain America who’s going to reform his own New Avengers. 

But I don’t know captain america has never apparently been important to the MCU or whatever.



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