The Ben Affleck cameo that was in Aquaman Two

The Ben Affleck cameo that was in Aquaman Two. It’s been cut. The Michael Keaton cameo that was originally in, then cut, then maybe in it’s been deleted.

Now you’re gonna get no Batman in Aquaman Two. Well, this report came at us originally from The Hollywood Reporter, but others have jumped on saying, no, this is, in fact, true. As we originally know, Aquaman Two originally intended to feature Ben Affleck featuring a cameo setting up Justice League Two and whatever else they were doing.

The Ben Affleck cameo that was in Aquaman Two


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Then Michael Keaton came on board. They were like, okay, we’re going to completely wipe out what we were doing with Ben Affleck. We’re going to put Michael Keaton in this to set up what happens after Flash and set up Batgirl.

Okay? We’re going to scrap that. We’re bringing back Ben Affleck. We’re gonna reshoot the scenes.

We’re gonna set up the new future because Ben Affleck is gonna be Batman. Okay, never mind James Gun and Peter Saffron are here. They’re not keeping any of this.

We gotta completely scrap all the Batman cameos and do more reshoots. That’s the story. That’s what happened.

This film sounds like a mess. I’m not gonna lie to you guys at any moment where you’re doing this many reshoots this many reshuffles going through allegedly eight different major test screenings with the different versions of the film and all of them are being received badly. I don’t know, guys.

Maybe this last round of reshoots can fix up a lot of elements. We don’t know. But to me, this whole Batman factor really sticks out.

Michael Keaton couldn’t even move the box office for Flash. So everybody that was convinced that Michael Keaton is going to save this and give it a billion dollars not a factor. They couldn’t even do, like, what, 350,000,000? Absolutely abysmal.

Maybe scrapping Batgirl was the best course of action, maybe it wasn’t. We won’t ever know. But now that they’re just kind of pulling back on everything, removing all these cameos, it’s telling me at least everything I need to know about how they’re perceiving and that’s that the universe is dead.

Aquaman Two is officially it. That’s the old DCEU. Don’t worry about it.

I still have, as I talked about it before, all sorts of issues with James Gunn approach. I don’t like it. I don’t like how they’re doing 50 50.

I don’t like how he’s picking and choosing. I don’t like how elements stay elements are being completely wiped out. It doesn’t make sense to me.

Batman is one of these things that, to me, makes sense to remove because they’re going to have a new Batman. But why are they cutting them out if the film is a dead end anyway, right? And allegedly, it’s because, oh, we don’t want empty promises of what comes next. Then what was the flash? What was the flash? It’s all an empty promise.

The entire film is an empty promise of what’s to come. I’m finding it hard to believe that WB is this stupid. But I’ve said that before, and, well, they proved me wrong, so who knows? But, yeah.

Say goodbye to all your favorite Batman

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