The Batman 2 Release Update

The Batman 2 Release Update

The Batman 2 Release Update

We got some really good news and some rather bad news. And it’s all related to the sequel to Batman, which we’re effectively calling Batman too. 

But who knows if that’s the actual title of what we’re going to get in the end. So let’s talk about when we can expect the sequel at the earliest.

The Batman 2 Release Update

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So this comes at us from an update that was offered by Variety, where they have a giant breakdown of everything that’s happening at WB Discovery with the DC Studios brand and everything involving DC. 

So first up, they break down all the details that we kind of know about the expansion of the Batverse, the reverse. 

And essentially, yeah, multiple movies set in that universe, as well as multiple shows are in development. This includes multiple spin-offs, direct sequels like Batman Two, and of course, side projects like all the TV.

 Among this, they talk about how much work there is on the Batman universe and what exactly this would mean for the sequel.

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 And essentially, they believe that at the earliest, Batman Two will see a release sometime in 2025. Now, again, that’s the earliest meaning that realistically. 

I mean, you’re probably looking at, if not late 2025 to 2026 because the teams are so occupied doing well, just about everything that there is to do, which is quite a lot of work

in terms of villain’s spin. Offs, TV spin-offs, and then actually properly making way and making room to produce the Batman, too, which, of course, 

still needs to put these big sets together, tie in all the other stuff that’s happening because it is a mini-universe, and make sure that it all works together. Now, of course, they also got to free up Matt Reeves from overlooking everything, which again within itself is going to be very time-consuming for him. 

And who knows what other plans might be happening and how much money they give to DC Studios proper to get out multiple projects before then, because obviously, James Gunn is on borrowed time with them, considering he will only be there for four years up until it’s Renegotiation time.

The Batman 2 Release Update

 So it will be interesting to see when exactly the Batman makes it out and when they formally announced that, hey, this is what we’re targeting, because it still seems like it’s such a far way off. I mean, we’re going to be looking at five, six year gap, potentially.

That’s quite a long time, especially for a film where the Batman is the only character that exists in that universe that’s really big name, marquee it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

 But whatever happens, I’m optimistic they’ll put out the best product and at least the universe won’t feel like it’s foreign, because by the time we get to this film, we’ll have at least a couple of spin offs and more time spent in that universe.

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