big update on Superman's legacy from James Gunn

Superman will be going toetotoe with Lex Luthor in live action

According to all the reports out there, Superman will be going toetotoe with Lex Luthor in live action yes, once again, Superman will be going toe to toe with Lex Luthor in live action. Now, before you get disappointed, don’t worry. It sounds like the Lex we’re gonna get in the DCU is gonna be a far cry from a basic, everyday, elon musk, Jeff Bezos type.

Okay? So according to all the reports out there, the Lex Luthor we’re going to get in the DCU, thanks to James Gunn, is going to be the apex predator of the entire Lex Luthor crop, because allegedly, we’re getting apex Lex. Now, if you’re wondering who exactly this is and what does this mean?

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Well in the comics is a version of lex that in 2038 ends up fighting and defeating an alien that’s invading lex, then takes his technology that he has, merges it with the defeated alien, and he becomes apex. Lex the best version of lex luthor with crazy amounts of powers he can do, like telepathic, brain blasts and all sorts of crazy things.

Again, the most powerful and best version of Lex Luthor we’ve gotten. So, yeah, if this is the route that they go, very interesting. And I think there’s something to this worth exploring.

Superman will be going toetotoe with Lex Luthor in live action
Superman will be going toetotoe with Lex Luthor in live action
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Now, once again, this is just a rumor we don’t know, and the rumor literally sprang up when we heard that Nicholas Holt is possibly up for the role.

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Superman will be going toetotoe with Lex Luthor in live action

So this would be an interesting new spin on the Lex Luthor mythos and also gives us a new take on the character that’s not just a businessman trying to defeat Earth with capitalism, which, let’s be real, that’s kind of been what Lex Luthor has done for the better part of just about every appearance. Which, again, there’s something to it.

But it’s just been overdone. Doing something different, I think is smart, but also it gets me a little worried. Like, I’m excited for this, but do we have to do Lex first? Can we do, like, parasite brainiac, livewire?

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Is anybody but Lex? Maybe make Lex, like, the background character set up for the sequel, but who really knows? I mean, it’s James Gunn, so I trust whatever he’s going to write in here and how he’s going to be able to pull this off and give us the best Superman live-action film ever.

I trust that. But something about just seeing Alex again worries me a bit. Maybe that’s just because of Superman Returns, we could have had the absolute best Superman movie, but at the end, it kind of falls apart.

And again, Alex is at the center of it trying to do a real estate scheme. Yeah, I don’t want to see that again. 

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