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Stargirl season 3 Canceled by the CW

Stargirl season 3 Canceled by the CW

The CW is seeing substantially less amount of content when it comes to DC starting its upcoming midseason and next year’s rollout of content. 

And the latest is sure to be a bummer to major DC fans and fans of the CW as Stargirl has officially been canceled.

Stargirl season 3 Canceled by the CW

So I don’t think that this is surprising at all. Once Nexstar got their hands on CW, we know that there were cost-cutting measures,

 there were licensing things that were going to get in the way, there were licensing issues, there were also renewals contracts, new direction for discovery, 

there’s a new CEO coming in, a new future for DC. So things were always looking a little bit bleaker than ever before. 

So it’s really not surprising that Stargirl has been canceled after three seasons. And remember, this wasn’t even originally a CW show. 

It started as something way more expensive over on the DC universe channel. Now it should be interesting to see what exactly happens with the whole CW side of things, 

because we know that there’s a crossover with Titans and Stargirl, and does that affect anything or will they just bring her back for something down the road? 

I mean, there’s always the potential for more crossovers and things to happen, so who really knows? Like Batwoman was canceled, but

we see that the actress playing Batwoman is coming back, but again, it’s a different style of role, 

but she’s still playing a multiversal version of the character. Whatever though, it’s not important. I mean, Stargirl has its fans, but it’s a CW show, so it did the numbers that the CW expected it to do, and nothing better and nothing worse. 

At least the show got three seasons because initially it was canceled after one. So fans did get to continue to see the story live on and at least have some crossovers and things happening within the same universe. 

So it’s not all bad here. And again, this was all expected. So I think most fans were kind of prepping themselves for this or anticipating it, 

Stargirl season 3 Canceled by the CW

and it’s really nothing too out of the ordinary when so many acquisitions are happening and there’s just shifting contracts and things in play and move of assets and sales and reacquisitions and things just get muddied up in the water.

 Let’s just put it that way. This was, I think, most people’s anticipated

result with this show. I don’t think it’s disrespecting the show, to put it that way, but it was never something that got much chatter. Doom Patrol had more chatter, 

and almost nobody talks about Doom Patrol. So you see what I’m saying here? It’s kind of like a foregone conclusion that this would be canceled.  Were you a fan of Stargirl? Were you hoping for more? Do you not care? Did you fall off after season one? What’s your take on it?


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