How i can watch Spider-Man: No Way Home?

Spider-Man 4 Production Begins with Big Budget and New Director

Spider-Man 4 Production Begins with Big Budget and New Director

Recent Spiderman Four, rumors have hit the net that paints a very different version of Spiderman Four than what most people had in mind, and also revealed the reported budget, which is set to be around $200 million.

So first up, let’s tackle the budget. $200 million. The same budget as Spiderman. No way home. Again, that’s quite a big step up from the previous centuries. Spiderman homecoming was 175,000,000, but a major chunk of that went to Robert Downey Jr. Spiderman Far From Home was 160,000,000. 

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And again, a big chunk of that was not having Robert Downey Jr. Spiderman no Way Home at 200 million makes sense. A lot of it was spent on the stars of the film and getting all those actors back. But at the same time, they also ended up saving quite a lot on the budget by shooting a lot of that final battle while obstructing it in the dark so they could save on budget, which is unfortunate, but understandable. 

Spider-Man 4 Production Begins with Big Budget and New Director
Spider-Man 4 Production Begins with Big Budget and New Director
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And that’s one of my big rights with the film. So it’s not surprising that this upcoming fourth film is also going to have a 200 million dollar budget, but for a very different reason. The reason being, one, Tom Holland is going to have quite a big pickup in his payday because of new contract negotiations.

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And they will pay him whatever he’s asking for. Let’s be real. But two, the reports that this is going to be a very big street-level film. And from what we’re hearing, they’re expected to start filming by the end of 2023. And they are looking to bring in multiple street-level characters. 

Daredevil apparently is a guarantee at this point. But reports are stating that if they can work it out, john Bernthal’s, Punisher, and who knows who else, they want this to essentially be street avengers. Spiderman. He’s a part of this lower-level team, but they’ve all been working together and they’re keeping the streets of New York clean, which, honestly, this budget would make sense because if you think about it, they’re going to have to shoot in New York, and no longer. 

You’re going to be shooting in locations where it’s like, okay, we can recreate the streets of New York and just CG everything for the budget. No, they’re going to want to go back on location, shoot in New York, make it feel authentic.

And that always drives up the cost. So I can see why this reported budget, $200 million, is just the start. It’s probably going to balloon a little over it. But again, the investment will be here and the payoff will be worth it. It makes sense. It all checks out. 

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Now, the start of 2023 makes me think you’re probably looking at another holiday movie, which would, to me, at least indicate Christmas of 25, if not summer of 26, which again, still is a little bit of a ways off. But they can set this up. They can take their time and get it right. And hopefully deliver the best film possible. And again, if it takes longer, it’s fine. Just get the best possible film out there and let’s be real. Do what we all want. Get daredevil and punisher in there.

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