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Sony confirms Spider-Man in Silk Spider

Sony confirms Spider-Man in Silk Spider

Okay guys, so we got some more details on Silk this time. Specifically, Sony has confirmed that what they sent in the initial press release is true.

And that is the series Synopsis. So let’s talk about how this is in fact the directly connected to Spiderman and they are not in fact shying away from that connection. It’s very prominent.

OK guys, so the official press release for Silk Spider Society is in fact what was shown by Sony. Many people thought that this was just something that was added in there after the announcement.

And some people were like, okay, is this real? Is this a thing? Is this in fact the real synopsis sites have went out there, contacted them and have confirmed it. Scifi, for example. I saw the article first through them, and they confirmed that, yes, this is the synopsis.

Sony confirms Spider-Man in Silk Spider
And it says, and I quote, silk spider society will center around Cindy Moon, a Korean American woman who finds herself gifted with the arachnoid abilities after sustaining a bite from the same radioactive spider that sank its fangs into Peter Parker.

Imprisoned for years on end, Cindy finally escapes captivity and sets out to find her family, all while cultivating an alter ego known as Silk.

So that is very on the nose. Yes. This is the same spider that bit Peter Parker. We are in that same playground. Cindy is related to Peter

Parker’s Spiderman, and it’s the same Spider just like the comic book origin.

And very much it sounds like they’re doing exactly what they did in the comics where she does end up escaping and then she goes on her own selfdiscovery journey while also eventually running into Spiderman.

Sony confirms Spider-Man in Silk Spider
Sony confirms Spider-Man in Silk Spider

Now how they’re going to deal with that here? What else happens? Obviously remains to be seen, but this is clear cut evidence that they are going to be talking about Spiderman.

And he will at some point have to be involved with this because if you know their relationship, they cannot really stay away from each other. And they’re kind of drawn together almost. So it will be interesting to see what they do.

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But for now, we know this thing is officially going to feature Spider Man in some capacity and they’re not going to try to shy away from it and his involvement with the origin like they did with Venom. So it’ll be really interesting to see what happens next.

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