Sony confirms Spider-Man in Silk's Spider

Silk Spider Society Revealed as First Project between Sony And Amazon

Silk Spider Society Revealed as First Project between Sony And Amazon

Well, everybody, we have our first details on Sony’s first live-action Spiderman series that they will be coproducing with MGM and Amazon, and no surprise here, but it is the series that’s been in development for a while, and we now know that it’s officially called Silk Spider Society.

 Silk Spider Society Revealed as First Project between Sony And Amazon

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So these are the official first details that have now been confirmed. So, first and foremost, this series is executively produced by the same people who brought spiderman into the spider-verse and the upcoming sequels, bill Lord and Chris Miller.

On top of that, it’s been revealed that the title of the series is officially Silk Spider Society, and it will deal with the character of Cindy Moon. Just like in the comics. It will be a full on live action.

This is officially confirmed. Some people were thinking it’s going to be animated. No, this is 100% live action. And as was confirmed in the press release, they have access to over 900 Marvel Spiderman related characters.

This is also coming at us from Angela Kang, who has a huge overall deal with AMC and Amazon, and she will be overseeing Silk as she was previously connected to The Walking Dead.

Now, beyond this, we don’t know much more, but reports are stating that they are going to be sticking to what worked in the comics and that this

is their ultimate goal, to span the story in the same similar type of vein. Now, if you’ve kept up with the comics, you know that Cindy was bitten by the same spider that gave Peter his powers, but she is a completely different character. So, again, it looks like their intent is to really focus on actual spider people finally, and not just like weird things like Morbius and Craven and whatever they’re doing with Madame Webb to a degree.

 Silk Spider Society Revealed as First Project between Sony And Amazon

So it will be interesting to see how this all works and what the idea is. But again, I’m a big fan of Cindy Moon. I really like that character. I’ve loved all her comics. So I’m excited to see this

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And I think there is definitely an opportunity here by them to be able to take this character and bring it to a whole new section of audiences that don’t even know she exists. So to me here, the opportunity is all honestly kind of convenient for them, if that makes sense.

It’s convenient because, again, she spins off of Peter’s origin, but she’s a whole standalone

character that doesn’t need Peter to exist alongside of her. She’s not like Venom, where he inherently went hand in hand with him.

Like, you just say, oh, yeah, spider bit her, she’s doing her own thing. Cool. And you’ve got tons of villains you can use that spiderman’s never fought

. So, in my opinion, this is awesome and I’m excited to hear more. I just hope we get more news soon and this thing gets into production sooner rather than later.

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